It's really important that we get 5 wolverines in this game


We need Wolverine, Bone Claw Wolverine, Weapon X Wolverine, Age of Apocalypse Wolverine, and No Claw Wolverine.

The awesomeness that is wolverine cannot be contained in just one character.

Who’s with me?


Im sorry but thats a force, Just 2 is a stretch


You sir, made me laugh.


Dark Wolverine?


What about X-Force Wolverine? Or will that awesomeness be reduced to just a color?

I mean look at this:


Yeah aren’t you wacky wuhuhuhu.


Pretty sure that needs its own character slot.


I think the chances of 2 wolverines is good. The other being x23.


Needs that chibi wolvie from the new avengers cartoon as well…


I see bewbies. :3


hardy har