It's Showtime -Play N Trade Danbury, CT- 3/14/10 Results

Here is the link to the Tonamento Results

Thanks to everyone who came out

  1. Chris “BizziB” Singleton
  2. Shady J
  3. Magno
  4. TommyTwoTime77
  5. Joe “Tempest” Burden
  6. Craig “Free Chicken” Keller
  7. Dan “ILU Bridget”
  8. United Virus X
  9. Delirium
  10. Mayor McJustin
  11. Benny “Walrus”
  12. Matt “Kon”
  13. David “Mr. Pringles” Serrecchia
  14. RickMoranisFan

Might as well just paste it. :razzy:

Good shit to everyone who came out. I had some real tough fights against Magno and Shady J, wasn’t expecting that. Too bad they weren’t recorded! :smile:

Bizzy is awesome

I had a great time

Magno, J, Chicken, we definitely gotta play some more

Lookin forward to the SSF4 tourney

I had a great time defiantly got to start going to more tournaments often

Congrats to the Top FREE

And the top free are…

  1. Matt “Kon”
  2. David “Mr. Pringles” Serrecchia
  3. RickMoranisFan

Good showing by rickmoranisfan and mr. pringles for tying for most free.:cybot:

ggs everyone, these local PNT tourneys are always a good time, especially since the store is about 10 minutes away from my house. sux i had to leave early tho. kyle always does a great job @ organizing these. i will be back next month for the ssf4 tourney with some day 1 makoto, lol. as always representing danbury CT!