It's Showtime -Play N Trade Danbury, CT- 3/14/10

Place: Play N Trade Danbury
1 Padanaram Rd. (in the North Street Shopping Center)
Danbury CT 06811

Games: Street Fighter IV and HDR
System: Xbox 360 (HDR may have 2 PS3’s)

Price: $5 Venue Fee ($10 if you decide to show up at like 12:55)
$5 buy in for each game (put into pot)

Prize: 70/20/10 split of pot
Paid in CASH!
Play N Trade Danbury: Rules

Play style: 1v1

Double Elimination

Game Mode: Versus

Match: Best of 3 fights (Finals are best of 5)

Round Time: 99 seconds

Stage: Random

Handicap: Off

Tournament Style:

  • Personal equipment such as arcade sticks are allowed
  • Any controller supporting macros or auto repeat are NOT allowed
  • Any use of game exploits, such as cheats, will result in disciplinary action up to and including disqualification from the tournament
  • In the event of a double KO, the round will count towards the overall match total unless the double KO occurs when both players have 4 rounds won; in this event, the match will be replayed starting from 0-0 with both players using the same characters.

Store Opens at 11.

Sign ups at 12.

Tournament starts PROMPTLY at 1PM.

Please pre-reg with me so I can have a basic headcount.

My work email is : if you have any questions

I’ll go if I can find someone to lend me a 360 stick. I have 3 unmodded ps3 sticks =\

This is during Final Round. You will be missing a lot of people. I wanna go to this too so please change the date :slight_smile:

I’m not sure if I can change the date at this point, I’ll look into it though. I’m definatly going to have one in April, hopefully I’ll see you at that one.

I’ll try to make this one

Missed the last one

I’ll most likely be there.

Going to this tournament this time have a ride and everything gonna bring my SFIV pad to see if i can use it even if i can’t thats cool to that will just give me some practice with a arcade stick btw do u guys have tournament edition arcade sticks for sale?

Yeah, we have one of each in stock right now. PS3 and 360

Also, I just got my TE stick so if anyone is in need of one, I can loan it out.

cool if the 360 one is still for sell when i head down there i’ll probably buy it how much is it?

I might pop by. :slight_smile:

I think 150 but I’ll double check with the boss and see

I might go to this tomorrow… depending on what time I wake up lol

any idea if anyone is going… don’t want to drive out there for no reason

I assume it’s still going down since nothing was said here of a cancelation. My place lost power last night and I have a huge tree laying in my backyard so I’m still gonna head out cause I’d be bored as shit here. Lol

Yeah man, it’s still going on today!

Had fun glad i went this time