It's Showtime: The Snake Thread

Let’s get down to it. Post up strats and thoughts for Mr. FOXHOUND!

F-Air: Great spike, odd speed. Finally getting the hang of it.

B-Air: Pretty sweet dropkick. Good KO potential.

Stealing Smash Balls with the Nikita is too fun!

The forward air is really good spike…i got the timing down for that move yesterday…the back air is a good killing move along with the up air…also planting C4’s on people is always fun too! :rofl:

U-air seems pretty powerful as well. Startup isn’t too bad iirc.

N-air doesn’t seem to be all that powerful but it can rack up damage pretty well.

Like most of the ones in the game, his AAA combo is pretty powerful. Fast and has pretty good knockback.

Dash attack is pretty fast and powerful though horribly unsafe if shielded.

Compared to the rest of the cast, Snake seems to play much like a zoning character and one who excels at space control. What are some good ways to control space?

I like to put a mine and a C4 right next each other. Then someone will dodge the mine, thinking he’s all slick, and then he’ll die “mysteriously.”

Of course, after I set that up, I like to hide behind it and fire missiles at people.

How the hell do you do the “Light” Nade toss?

:u: Neutral let-go-of B.

There’s three kinds of tosses after priming a grenade. Hold forward and release, straight up release, and hold BACK and release. I think this is what you are referring to.

Also, shield canceling your grenades allows you to pick them up like you would any other item. Be aware your opponent can also pick them if you do this. But you can be extra tricky with this if they start catching on, and cook them for awhile before dropping. Ideally your opponent then picks them up and boom.

More to come…

Fucking The Damned (Ulyre) always owns my ass with Snake. In a 4 player match especially, keeping track of where his damn explosives are is a full time job

I was playing around with his neutral air as a jump-in of sorts against people on the ground by running and then small jumping and doing the 3 kick combo. I did this against tall characters (namely Ganondorf). I think alot of it has to do with me not understanding the game, but like, i could hit pretty well with the 3 kicks, but it seems like it puts the opponent at advantage or we’re even. Is anything guaranteed? Better yet, what should my next move be after landing something like this?

Funny you mention this, I was trying the same thing. A Tiger Knee of sorts. I’d hit jump, let go of the analog stick, and then immediately slide my fingers over on to A. After the kicks start coming out, you can control his momentum, so I’d usually pull him back in the air. It works well if you can get all the kicks out, but as you mentioned when you land you seem to be susceptible to enemy attacks.

I could have sworn once I did the air kicks, and immediately combo’d into PPK combo, but I haven’t managed to get it down again.

Snake’s dash attack is pretty bananas. On hit it can cancel into up smash (w/ c-stick) giving it safety and time to begin other actions.

His forward tilt combo seems like a 2-hit smash within itself. Great damage and knockback (which of his moves don’t have that?!)

The four hits of his down+air can be landed off of one short hop, the last one tagging the foe with massive knockback.

Recovering from the cliff, if you decide to hop, the four hits from neutral air will be thrown before he hits the ground if performed immediately after the hop. Not 100% about all hits connecting on hit

His grab game seems interesting as well. Down+grab leads to the small mix-up game of catching them with another grab if they roll to the side, blocking and punishing their wake-up attack, or if they continue to lie on the ground plant the C4. Since the C4 triggers an explosion sending them straight upward, it’s great to use attacks that allow for it to K.O. with ease (up+tilt, up+air, etc).

Snake is stupid good.

The range on his F-tilt combo is compareable to Marth’s range on his sword slashes.

Go and test it and you will see what I mean.

While you are at test the range of his u-tilt. I mean see how far in front of him it hits. It’s fucking insane.

And all his tilts kill and have ridiculous priority.

Snake can U-tilt anyone out of anything. I’m not fucking joking. His legs are too fucking long and he has too much priority.

Also the hot box on his Bair is fucking dumb. It’s like a like a giant invisible sphere of pwnage encircles Snake when he uses Bair.

Snake touches you when he uses that thing, and you just die. Doesn’t matter where he touches you. His fucking head could touch you and you would just fly off the screen and explode. Makes no sense. Snakes legs should be the hit box not his whole fucking body.

Fucking Sakurai.

I wanna know what move I should use after recovering with the Up B. I usually do netrual airs after but sometimes it doesnt seem to work. Also Ive been having alot of suicides on Final Destination from recovering…I seem to get caught underneath the stupid ass edge and he just stays there and falls…fuckin lame

Yeah this is good stuff. I have yet to do it on whiff though. But on hit it’s really not that hard. Here’s a shitty quality video of it:


Looks so funky.

I usually will opt for his B-Air dropkick, dodge/evade, or drop C-4 and try to clear out a landing spot.

Due to input delay/lag/my own stupidity many times a Neutral Air will come out while I’m off the stage. Really sucks, as you know you’re dead for a good two seconds before you fall off.

Remember that you can drop C-4 midair and then detonate to damage/boost yourself, thus allowing you to use his Up-B Cypher again.

Yea i ll use a B-air kick when im facing the opposite way from the stage and droppin some C-4 seems like it would give me a good landing spot…Ive also heard of this C-4 bomb jump kinda like Link’s in melee Im going to have to try this out

Says the Marth player.

The range and hit boxes on some of his things are very weird–like you said, for some reason the knee part of F-tilt has the same range as the axehandle, which to me is actually just a bit shorter than Marth’s Fsmash.

I hadn’t noticed the Utilt thing, though. Thanks. :badboy:

It difficult to keep track of anything in 4 player Free-for-all, even if you were paying attention to it.

Anyway, I saved a copy of the “Ultimate Snake Compendium” to my laptop before the game came out but have yet to read it, so I’m not sure if the little experiments I did on Tuesday weren’t in there already. They were probably were, but it wouldn’t hurt to post them anyway:

[]Takes about 4 real-life seconds for a grenade to explode. (About 17 milliseconds less, actually.)
]Takes about 25 real-life seconds for a C4 to automatically explode after being set.
[]The Nakita has about 10 real-life seconds of go time.
]Takes about 25 real-life seconds for mines to disappear, regardless of size.

Shade said on the Evo rules thread that Snake’s FS is , as he called it, gold. I just wanted to know how you guys use it to its full effect, as I’ve been having trouble with it. I’m trying to make Snake my secondary (Ike is my main), so I’m trying to learn more, as I really suck at playing his mindgames.

random thing i found out with Snake:

if you just hold down the A button, Snake does rapid punches (just the first punch of his aaa combo). Once it connects and your still holding down A, Snake will do his aaa combo.

It turns out that you CAN short hop the fourth kick of Snake’s neutral air. You just have to start the attack on Snake’s ascent (like you’re doing a kara-throw).

I thought that worked with other characters as well? I know it works with Ike.