It's so damn difficult to get repeated matches going in this game


I find a great opponent with a good connection, I get first to 3 in casual and then we’re both booted out. If I want to play more I have to add the player to my favourites, create a battle lounge, invite the player and hope he joins. And what’s with nobody actually wanting to play more than one game? I’ve added tons of good players of equal skill to my favourites, but most of them don’t accept invites. How am I supposed to learn the matchups if I’m jumping from one player to the next?


Most of the guys that play online are fairweather players that catch feelings about even casual matches. You’re not going to get more than a game or 2 out of them because prides are high. Nobody wants to play a longer set vs you and have you end up starting to learn how to beat them. That would suck.

Players like yourself make the mistake of just using the game’s resources only to find people online to play. Start playing with the players here or go watch some of the more popular twitch streams and find people there. You’ll find more people who are involved with getting better at the game and give you longer sets. The randoms online just want to be king of online for a day and don’t care about interacting with you for longer sets.


Also few people want to deal with the battle lounges in this game because they so rarely work right.


They are working fine. I don’t know if you even bothered checking in after month 1 but there are almost no problems with the lobby and invitation system now. The flag and region locking aren’t working but going in and out of the lobby and the stability is fine. He is saying he is inviting them so there shouldn’t be a problem. At least they are on my end now.

Yeah i do find a lot of the players like that, i think they are just salty but you can find many players here to play against you.


After the last maintenance some people have been experiencing connectivity issues.


Yep. Ran into a Vega a few times in a row yesterday… the type that just does random FBA and dash up throw. He took me off guard the first round and then I beat him the next two. Of course he refused the runback each time.

The funny thing is that he looked to be AFK the third time we were matched together so I waited a bit for him to get back (enough time for me to have taken the round had I wanted to) and then the instant he returns he goes back into the same autopilot routine, trying to take me off guard. Then I beat him and he still declines the runback, lol.

Never mind that I gave up a free win to try to give him a fair chance. The only thing this sort of player cares about is winning with gimmicks, not improving. If you figure out their gimmicks they get threatened and run. That’s why it can be hard to get repeated matches going.


Only 1 bar broke bitches want to play. Have to kick the same guy like 7 times out of lobbies.


For awhile I was refusing runbacks when I was trying to get points. Then I said screw it. I only dont do runbacks when it is a horrible match up for me as a Vega player. So Laura and Mika, especially if you just bodied me, you arent getting a runback. Sorry.


That mentality won’t get you anywhere. It shows that you have no confidence in your play whatsoever.



Oh fuck a match-up I’m bad at! Better avoid it! Don’t wanna risk learning anything!


I know the feeling from my scrubbiness days of making excuses for every loss, but you are never going to learn ANYTHING that way.

Although, in SF4 I don’t think I would EVER give El Fuerte of any kind a run back. Probably why I always got raped by him. Fuck that guy.


What’s most important is actually hitting up the lab with characters u have trouble against and learning the matchup and how u think it should be played, after that u need the matchup experience which means u have to play against them in order to get used to and improve on that matchup so u don’t choke. Its much like doing difficult 1 frame links, u can do it in training mode easily, but against a real opponent there’s the nerves of landing it u have to build upon because there won’t be that many opportunities to land it during a match.