It's Tanden

Tandennnnnnn. With an N. Stop saying tandem.

Anyway, in the interest of making a non-useless thread…I’ve been playing Seth for awhile now and there’s something I don’t get: EX Tanden. Whenever I watch replays of G1 Seths, they never use it. It seems the only purpose it has is to add some extra damage to combos, but at two super bars it’s better to save it for some EX Sonic Booms or…really, anything else.

Am I missing something? There has to be a reason they made it use twice the super. Apparently capcom thought at one bar it was too strong.

Because the opportunities you have as Seth being able to basically confirm a 1-combo stun by using it properly…

TandeN should be 1,5 meter.

1, 5 Ex stocks, I could live with that or have regular tandem build more meter by absorbing projectiles. Lol, I could only imagine Seth’s 4X (Cr.FierceXXEx Tandem) Stun Loop.

The reason why you don’t see Ex Tandem being used often is because Ex is usally either saved for super or used for mix-ups.

You shouldn’t be using Ex SonicBoon to begin with, it’s just a waste of stock

I use it all the time for grabbing people out of ex.srk, and as others have said seth’s c.hp xx ex.tandennnnnnn loop is really high stun. only time I’d use ex sonic boom probably is at the very end of a round to trap someone with no health, though as GodofG@mblers said, it’s a waste generally. All seths other ex moves, super and fadc have use though.

in the street figther IV comic they say tandeM.

Tanden is a japanese word for an energy centre in the middle of your stomach. Tandem means two of something. Obviosuly Tanden is correct here and tandem is a mistake as it’s a far more common word.

Tandem Engine is a play on words its not a mistake that they spelled it that way. There is such a thing called a tandem engine in real life. Tandem means two of something the Yin and the Yang symbol represent that.

In the game it’s spelt Tanden.

It’s spelled “spelled” not spelt :tup:

Thanks, but I’m English so it’s spelt “spelt” =).

Hmm… Interesting~ :Stroking China Beard:

it can be spelled both ways :lol:

Spelled is American English, spelt is British English only afaik.

Ex-tandem would be useful if it could grab people out of the air, even if they aren’t being juggled by crouching fierce. :wink:

I like how they made it armour break and yet the standard one acts as a throw so just pulls them out of focus anyway.

Tandem > Tanden.