It's that time again...let us remark on this year


Was it good? Was it bad?

This was probably the worst year of my life. There was a lot of falling down and struggling, but I learned a lot of lessons in regards to friendship, love, loss…this year was marked by a lot of losing, both in terms in friends and financial/material gain. I have lost contact with pretty much everybody I’ve ever known from the last two years, leaving only the two friends I’ve ever really had.

The worst part had to have been the personal relationships that were strangled and left to rot by both youth and my own inability to understand others. Certain events, which I will not disclose, influenced my psyche. I watched relationships crumble, entire histories betrayed in one fateful morning - loneliness enveloped us. The one bright spot was my ex-girlfriend, but we aren’t on speaking terms. It was tough leaving town for half a year of military training without telling her goodbye, but like I said, this wasn’t my year.

How were you?


Mine was pretty sweet.


Cool Story Bro.


And you guys say I’m the troll? Is that just a term you use to discriminate against people who actually try to start conversations and the ones who pitifully cling to spam posts and internet memes?


No i think he’s saying that this is what the blog feature is for. This isn’t even conversation this is “Well this is how the year went for me.” It’s self wankery and thats it. No one cares how the year went for you just like no one cares how the year went for me. It’s not conversation.


Wrong month, dude. It ain’t the end until AFTER How Akuma Stole Christmas. And anybody who posts that shit before Dec 20th AT THE EARLIEST needs an insta-ban.


I won’t take it that far…

We’ve had threads like this in the past, though I do think it’s a little early. Who knows, maybe I’ll win the lottery by the end of the year and it could be the greatest year ever.:smokin:


No problem with the concept of the thread, but did you read that first post…

“I have seen many relationships fall apart over the course of 1000 years:wtf:”
“Germanicus has fallen off of his horse and broken thine leg, but Rome will rise again!!!”

Seriously nigga get off of your pedestal, you’re not that important and I’m sure nothing that important has happened to you beside joining the military…


Just because my problems aren’t as bad as someone in africa or eastern europe doesn’t make them irrelevant. Some days I wouldn’t even want to get up, and yes, some of the fucked up things I saw really messed with my head.


most obvious troll topic.

i remember when i first started trolling. :coffee:


where have you been gen


How the fuck did you get back?


You still have the rest of the year to lose everything. Have fun.


THANK YOU. Last year it went up with like 3 weeks until Christmas. Fuck holiday creep.


What’s funny is that like, the dude isn’t even trolling. If someone else made this thread, no one would be acting like this. So basically it seems as if g3nshir0_ won’t ever get allowed the chance to just make some normal posts every once in awhile and then later, commence to trolling or something.

Anyway, my year has been pretty crazy with some decent highs but some bottomed out lows, in which I’ll conclude that 2010 has been a pretty awful year of my life. Although, the year has moved fast, so that is a plus to it. Not sure if this has been the worst year of my life, but it’s in the running. It’s the kind of year that makes you think that other years you thought were pretty weak, end up decent or even pretty cool in comparison.


This is the part where I post the video of the Heavy Weapons Guy saying “CRY SOME MORE” for ten minutes but I can’t be arsed to find it. :coffee:


That’s exactly right, since he’s been a pompous ass pretty much the entire time he’s been on the forum.

And he’s a bitch.