It's The End Of An Era


Fuck me. I remember getting my first betamax. Used to cost me $5 to rent a movie, with the low low deposit of $100. Some of you youngun’s will never know the struggle of being unable to properly pause and fap to a scene. You would literally wear out a good porno. Tracking? OMFG my children will never know the horrors of tracking. RIP

Be kind…please rewind :frowning:


heard this on the radio this morning

had to pull over, couldnt see the road thru the tears


Betamax sucks #VHSMasterRace


Be kind rewind


VHS was total ass compared to Betamax.


Betamax lived on for awhile because news companies were still using it, over VCR, up until digital conversion was complete.

this joke will soon be dead too…



WTF? Are you saying they were STILL making betamax tapes till recently?



Until digital it was the preferred type of film for news programs. Took awhile for companies to swap all their old shit to digital.


this. i had one for a short while. it was very hard to find rentals for it. some things were better than VHS but overall i prefered VHS.


I didn’t even know what betamax was until this thread.
I grew up on vhs, then there was laser disc which nobody every bought and then dvd.


RIP Beta, though you were never to the max so this thread sucks.

When’s his memorial stream?


I watched Lethal Weapon 2 on laserdisc, then thought I imagined it cuz i never saw a laserdisc ever again.

44" cd’s what a thrill. But I remember skipping through scenes and knowing that was the future.

Was Betamax only topload, and VHS only frontload? I don’t remember anything but that…I remember having to pop in my Betamax tapes from the top (crazy tape holder popped up, u insterted tape, then pressed the contraption down).


First porn I watched was on betamax, RIP magnetic tapes.


When’s VHS disappearing??? Also, the good old days of Blockbuster and Hollywood Videos…



Beta lasted longer for what it’s worth


fun fact: first movie ever rented in my home was Throw Mama From The Train. Had to deposit like 300 fucking dollars to watch it. Movies literally cost what the theatres sold them for, at first. So Early video rental required you to put down a ton of fucking money as a deposit so you wouldn’t run away with ET.

And now I pirate porno.


I havent had a hard copy of movies/shows since 2000 or so.

Same with music.

Love me some books though, soon those will be gone too…



I got a beta copy of The Terminator. Just don’t have a beta player to play it on. My dad was always a tech guy and used to work at an Audio/Video store. Saw some of the first Sony Wega HDTVs that were basically as deep as tube TVs and used to surf Dave’s Sega Saturn Page on WebTV. I did reviews for some fighting games back when I was like 12 LOL.

Would be interesting to find a beta player just to see what the quality difference was. VHS was so damn fuzzy even when it was a manufactured video. VHS recordings were god awful with all the fuzzyness and low quality sound. I liked rewinding a video and seeing the tears in the screen as you’re rewinding. OG shit.