It's too strong/weak...PATCH OR ADAPT?


This is unpopular but I tend to believe that if one doesn’t place at tournaments or isn’t high ranked (Online play is the future imo) then one shouldn’t be able to speak on various changes or nerfs. However, there are a variety of flaws with this thinking, I will admit that.


Nope, I agree with you. However, I’m not too sure saying high ranked online players have a saying in the game’s balance because at this moment high ranked online players consists almost solely of Mexican kids playing Akuma. (Also before you call me out on it, yes I am aware it’s entirely my own fault this is the case.)

I think developers should make a “casual” fighting game pandering to every bitch and demand of scrubs out there so we can get it over with. Maybe KI will have to be this sacrificial game, I apologize in advance to anyone who has any plans of playing Killer Instinct competitively. No way Microsoft would just allow it to be a competitive niche game.


You don’t have to apologize. I saw long in advance before a lot of other people stuck up in console wars that this game had the chance to be the game that other games are not. Spends that extra time making sure you get strong netcode out the gate, get frame data in the game, get hit boxes in the game, make button check free button configurations and a real tutorial mode that teaches people how to play the game and fighting games in general (not just outdated and impractical combos). The game that takes real time to look at things before fixing them.

The development team has a solid amount of people who have placed very highly in tournaments in the past or generally have a strong intuition for the meta of fighting games. With things like the dojo/tutorial mode that they can constantly update, they can use the dojo to show people how to get around issues rather than patching them like other games. Then just attach it to things like achievements which all of the casual guys treat like gold and you got it made in the new age I say.

Skullgirls already made the sacrifice. It was trying to be what this game was but failed due to lack of marketing and money which forced them to beckon on every request to damage control the game. This game won’t need that and has shown people from the beginning that they plan to be in favor of being a competitive game for competitive gamers. If it was going to be a game to sell directly to casuals they would have just started throwing in ultimates/no mercies/stage fatalities and just sell you shitty gameplay and a lack of focus on tournament meaningful balance. They could just do that if they wanted to cash in for a couple months and dip out.


I remember back when I played 3s competitively and what people told me when I initially complained about chun…"deal with it"they would say and ever since then I never complained about it. I think that unless there is some game breaking glitch or some terrible oversight in balance…all players should always adapt.


I just played my first strong Sadira today(I play Jago). I am no where near good so I definitely don’t want a nerf or anything but omg wow. She was in the Air the entire match and I couldn’t think of anything to do besides jumping M Punch for small damage. Also I faced kinetic’s Glacius today. That didn’t go over well at all but I play so few Glacius Online he was doing things I have never saw before.

Just a random comment about my killer day.


There’s far too much input leniency in this games for Autos and Specials
I get screwed by Negative Edge while using Sabrewulf all the time online, and screwed while playing online just because I press a button more than once and it gives me an auto I didn’t ask for


I’ve definitely had some issues with Glacius as well when I mean to press B+FP or F+MP, from crouch, and I’ll get a hail or shatter. But I just have to work on my execution.


Sabrewulf is th worst character in the game

All he has is online lag based gimmicks.

The only legit tactic he has is overpower but that’s near useless since everyone jumps around a lot and everyone can keep you mid/full screen so they can just poke you out or get a ranom hit and combo, knock you back across the screen and do it all over again.

Sabrewulf has no defensive options besides Shadow Eclipse, and you eat combo if it gets blocked and you don’t have instinct or if it whiffs.

Ragged edge is easily Shadow Countered as is any normal cancelled into hamstring or jumping slash, this can easily be done on reaction

When Sabrewulf is in the corner, he has no answers vs Orchid, who can pressure him infinitely, because her pressure doesn’t give you room to dash out, and all attempts at Shadow Eclipse can be easily baited since Orchid is +18973281947893892 frames during rekka

Sabrewulf can’t punish jump back Jago tactics unless he has meter

His combos do terrible damage compared to the rest of the cast, unless he has instinct.
Sabrewulf can generally get 40% off of a punish, while the rest of the cast gets around 55-60%, unless he’s in instinct

Scrubquotes is back!

If he has only online lag based gimmicks, how come Justin Wong hasn’t lost at a tourney with him yet? How come the finals at APEX was a Sabrewulf mirror match?

Sounds like you need to just quit crying and learn how to play against him.


You’re not winning this one Luna. Too much evidence points to Sabrewulf being one of the best. Time to adapt.


The people he plays don’t know the matchup.

This situation is a lot like people who’d complain about Blanka, Vanilla Sentinel, and BBCT Tager, except not even the pros are smart enough to learn the matchup this time.


Oh so now the excuse goes from losing because “he only has online tactics” to losing because “he doesn’t know the matchup.”



Nah man… If you wanna make a comparison i would say he’s more like vanilla MVC3 Wolverine. That berserker slash was nothing nice, Sabre basically has that with variations its his best tool and it takes brainless execution to pull off. Pretty damn good tool against the whole cast to force a guess on wakeup, except in a mirror shadow eclipse is an option to the defender.


I think it can go both ways. If something is difficult to deal with and it doesn’t get patched, you have to adapt. That being said, people also need to learn to adapt to the changes the patch makes, so if a character gets buffed or nerfed they know how to handle themselves. All too often I hear people saying “X got patched, game is ruined” and I think it’s just as damaging as the people who cry for nerfs without even trying to figure things out.


Ki as it currently stands is the most balenced game to date. No one can agree on tiers, which speaks volume to IG’s commitment to balence


this game has nerfed certain characters big time, and they’re STILL op as fuck (Fulgore, anyone?)

For the most part, there are only a few bad matchups (mostly with Aganos facing Sadira or Maya or Riptor), and they’ve done balance patches every month or so.

This game is literally how all of last gen SHOULD have been handled.


Fulgore isn’t Op at all. Has he even won a major? Fulgore without Meter is the worst char in the game. Fulgore is honestly used more as a counterpick than a main at this point. Hes like Jago in a lot of ways, very few weaknesses, but yet people don’t dominate with them anywhere near as much as their hype would warrant.


Last I played was before they nerfed his AA laser.


Welp Fulgore finally won a major. Now can we agree he’s OP? Kappa


There are some questionable character match ups within the roster… I main thunder… & just about everyone on the roster is a handful to deal with accept for Jago lol. I do my fair share of bodying people despite the many shinanigans & attributes of other characters but I will say… the struggle is real… I personally feel that wulf spinal & fulgor are a tad questionable… let’s be honest… their attributes are insane…