ITT: STHD classic mode

I want to hear your thoughts on this upcoming game that is supposedly arcade perfect with the Dreamcast network code.

Remix mode is not necessary to discuss here (but it’s optional) since there’s a thread at FGD. My intention is to discuss the classic mode aspect of this game, how it’s shaping up, and to hear the general consensus from hardcore ST fans.

Well <it is> classic mode… All the game mechanics are the same, just with an up dated look. There really isn’t much to say… other than I am looking forward to playing it.

So the slow down from the arcade version still exists in HD classic?

Yes, whatever you saw in the arcade will be seen in this version. Unless capcom takes the extra mile and tweak it.

Topics to discuss would be concerning the accuracy on:

  1. the game speed along with their equivalents in JP/US standard matches. This is a skeptical issue with prior mistakes on what DE/capcom has done with cccv2.

  2. the various modes and options like quarter matches, free play?, and extras.

  3. Online gameplay performance. The core for this to release is network gaming and to determine how well it affects players around the world.

pretty hyped for this.
Which system would you get this on? Bro says PS3.
Me, not sure.

360 for me. The Live network is superior. I will play classic mode extensively and remix mode seldom.

Some chances of random select to be present in classic mode? As well as an option to have the old graphic back?

I do have some questions about classic mode,

  1. Will it have all the same online options (quarter rooms, tourneys, etc) that Remix will have? The same netcode (I would assume so)?

  2. Will it be set at a certain speed (heck what speed will Remix be for that matter)?

My biggest question :

  1. Will anyone be online playing classic mode? I know I will play a lot of Remix mode (assuming it’s not broken and it doesn’t look like it will be) but I also will play some Classic mode as well. I mean I still play CE and HF and I’ll always love ST. I don’t know if it will split the community or Classic mode will be a ghost town.

Two things.

  1. I will still play classic mode because I love the classic game. I’m having mixed feelings about remix mode but I dont know how it plays yet so I can’t pass judgement. So expect to see me in both classic and remix (unless remix mode sucks)
  2. Hit me up on a messenger service possum, I need more people that play CE!

Only partially. Apparently the option to turn old sprites on is available (that would be characters and projectiles. I assume that hit spark effects, meters, and writing would fall into this category as well. However, they had to redo the code used for the new redrawn backgrounds so supposedly switching to old backgrounds will not be an available option.

It must make me sound old when I say I really do still love the original graphics. :rofl:
Man, those pixels are just endearing to me.

Will classic mode only have ST versions of characters?

No, classic mode will be as close to the arcade as they can make it. So, it’ll have “old” characters as well as the normal ST versions

Whoa, just noticed some of the earlier posts and figured I’d make a correction…

The network code for SFHD is completely different from the DC version, even though it’s true that it is the version on which the actual gameplay engine is based. This is a good thing, considering the DC’s original network code is years old and was intended principally for dial-up connections.

There was a lot of fan-request for GGPO to be implemented but I believe they said that won’t happen. They’re supposedly putting a lot of time and effort into coding new stuff, so hopefully it turns out well! :smile:

That’s neat; I might buy this just to have ST online, but I’d probably have to buy a new stick… not looking forward to the fortune this one game will cost me, but I hope it’s worth it!

Thanks for elaborating the network info.