ITT we are beast wars


Hay guys im boelsupial, I was a kickin protoform, my stasis pod sadly landed near a Koala bear so now I am the maximal wit a pouch


el oh el at your sig. You big gay robot you.


koala bears are not big thank you


That’s what she said?


What is this I don’t even we’re all gonna die.


Edit: Holy shit, his French-Canadian name is “Rattrape”. That’s AMAZING.


Who the hell thought it was a good idea to make robots transform into animals anyway?


dude there was too much energon on the planet duh they couldnt maintain their robot forms


Whoever designed the Dinobots/Insecticons/G1 Predacons etc.


A marketing genius, that’s who.


R.I.P Terrorsaur


I remember watching this shit every morning before school.

I can let the first part slide, but what tripped me out is when they went from the Jungle to all futuristic and shit(Probably back to their home planet or something). That was just ridiculous.


And the went all pro non violence too, all guns were taken away.


The Japanese. Who else?

Don’t diss Beast Wars, man. It has better story telling than any TF series and it has BW Megatron and Dinobot. :pray:


animorphs son

imma transform into a giraffe


my stasis pod lands near a sleeping boel

i become boelimus prime


Man fuck that noise, tell me what was the purpose of them turning into animals besideds being a new toy line? I watched that shit and never saw any humans on that show or really any other animals. It was just these robot assholes with their bad cgi running around yelling at each other. Shit is doodoo feces nigga.

Edit:Desi’s pod lands in Boel’s pouch.


That’s what I’m talking aboot.


you don’t even wanna know what happens when i “maximize”


i am pherociraptor. rawr


Trukk not Munky