Itunes is the WORST piece of Software ever created


Who the fuck thought that this program would EVER be user friendly? I can’t even fucking delete things anymore and why did they feel the need to take the drag and drop feature out? Whoever made this shit needs to be forced to play through Superman 64 100 times in a row without failing once, and if they do they die in real life.

Why is this a thread again?

I wholeheartedly agree. Before, I could just drag and drop the song I downloaded and it will only add that song. Now, I have to sync my iPad every fucking time just to add one damn song. ONE damn song…

Come over to Android. Drag and drop all day. No converting video files. Natively plays mp4, xvid, avi, etc.

There’s tons of programs out there that lets you manage your apple products without using that digital devil. I use CopyTrans

Just use Foobar.

precisely why I stopped using iGay anything…

I had one of those tiny ipods before. it was kind of a hassle trying add music and making playlists and other dumb shits.

now I just use my android phone and never looked back.

Download a previous version if your device is compatible

iTunes is slow for no damn reason. Takes so long just to install it.

Can’t fathom how people use it as their main music player on their computers.

Yeah, but you can buy idolmaster games and hatsune Miku songs off iTunes.
I’ve downloaded like, 30 toolbars and none have them have improved my ability to pick up hot young teens.

Get Google Play Music and never touch iTunes.

2013 is like the 10 year anniversary of the OP being news to anybody.

Itunes leaves some serious bullshit software on your computer too. I had to actually put in some effort to uninstall it+get rid of all the trails of garbage it left behind.

Damn, where the fuck have you been.

I love to hate itunes.

Just get an itunes alternative program they are soooooo much better than the original itunes. Smaller, cleaner, less memory.

No you don’t. I was just servicing my dad’s ipod the other day and I could still do it manually. But that’s what you get for having an iPad to begin with you stupid scrub.

Regardless, this software is shit.

and it’s been getting progressivly worse every update.

What apple and now Microsoft cannot seem to understand is that by streamlining their interfaces it makes it harder for people that know to get shit done.

iTunes 11 is shit tier. I still haven’t upgraded from 10.

Nah, iTunes has way too many rivals. Adobe Reader (or pretty much ANY Adobe software), Ask Toolbar, Norton Antivirus and Windows Vista are defo far worse.

Wait, what’s so bad about Adobe software?

grass is green