Itunes is the WORST piece of Software ever created


pay for music?

get the fuck outta here itunes!


Anybody else use Media Monkey? I’m liking it and trying to find ways to enhance it. Google’s nice and all but eh.
Also, I hated iTunes. It use to be okay but then I realized it was a resource hog (for some reason) and it became less and less user friendly over time… Shame. It is pretty.


Or you could just get Media Monkey like a fucking adult.

Check the community, interface plugins all day that can completely change the experiance in amazing ways.


It’s a pain in the ass to support. Part of my job is desktop support and of the hundreds of applications our company use, the Adobe family of products is the biggest pain in the ass. It breaks constantly, has tons of compatibility issues, and can be a bitch to uninstall/reinstall.

Steve Jobs was right.


Hopefully going subscription based will enable Adobe to aim their gun at themselves somewhere more vital than their foot.


Can anyone name another writing program besides MS Word? I’ve been using it since college. I write all my manuscripts, blog posts, articles, etc. on it. At work I use Google Drive, but its interface is awful. The fact that you have to be online all the time with it to save your work doesn’t help, either.


I never had trouble with iTunes, which is good because I absolutely despise Android’s clunky operating systems, and they’re more likely to be attacked by malicious software because it operates on so many different files. That, and I honestly love my iPhone, I have never seen or heard of anything like synch problems or issues with the drag and drop; then again, I also don’t update it, so that may be why. But after hearing the changes, I guess I’m doing the right thing


Try Open Office. I used to use it and it works great. And you can save any file as an Office doc so it’s compatible with that app.


but I love Google Drive, I use it all the time. Well anyways, I think you are able to use it offline, but If you want an alternative to MS Word, get Open Office.


What does Open Office do better than Word?


Can’t remember, It’s been a long time since I used both Open Office and Word, I think they are kinda the same If I remember but open office is free.


I still use Word 2007, and I’m okay with it, but as it ages I’m going to need something that gives me the same options.


Like SaucyPinoy, I havn’t used the app in a while, but from my memory, it’s no better or worse feature-wise. It does run faster, tho.


You have to go back to Geese Howard for me to take your advice.


MS Word also got super-weird within the last few updates and Open Office never did.

The current software trend is to go way overboard on features designed to be user-friendly, thus making the interface horribly unintuitive.


Thats the problem with UI they are designed to be user friendly but with all these redesigns they often severely limit what you can do and become unintuitive.

I use mac os x at work and i hate it, thank god i can just pop into the terminal if i need to do anything. the command line, now that’s the way god intended for us to interact with computers. itunes definitely blows.

apple hardware is still sexy though.


I didn’t even click that link and I bet WindowsME is #1.


found out about power amp and jet audio, never look back




fwiw… I’ve got a friend on the iTunes team. If you have actual and specific bugs with repro steps against the latest version, I can potentially direct them the right way and get them fixed. I’ve gotten a couple bugs fixed so far. shrug