I've always been curious about this game, but lack a Wii/GC stick

I suppose the Tech Talk thread might be a better idea, but I want to hear your ideas about this.

What’s the cheapest way to get a stick for this game? Would it be worth playing this with a GC pad?

I’d really like to get into it as it always seems awesome, but never had been able to get a stick. So I figure I’d ask you guys.

Also as more of a side note, do you guys think my stick getting endeavor is a bit too late? (In other words: With MvC3 on the way, would it still be worth it for me to try and get into this game?)

Sorry for the questions and thanks in advance.

Why dont you just pick up a Madcatz SE for the Wii. Notta bad stick and you can always mod it.

It’s never too late dude play have fun and hang out here for help and tips

I have been looking into it. However those sticks are $60 each and I’d like to get 2 sticks (for friends and family). Not to mention the fact that the stick has (I’m assuming) non-Sanwa parts as well. These factors alone dissuade me from getting the Madcatz SE Wii stick (let alone 2 of them while replacing the parts).

Just read your other thread on modding your existing sticks. Looks like thats your solution right there. Unless your trying to add to your collection

Hiyo gamerkim, I’ll throw in my input. Thanks for showing interest in the game! You live in SoCal, so I hope to see you at the weekly LevelUp thing or at a session! Now, to answer your questions:

The cheapest way for getting a stick would be to buy a Hori Stick or Mad Catz for the Wii. At $40ish its probably the cheapest and the stick would last you a while until you’d try to mod it or upgrade to custom stick.

I’ve seen people play with a GC controller, Classic, and Stick. It all really depends on you and what you’re comfortable with. I know most of us use sticks, but I have seen some good players using GC and Classic, so it’s doable.

And for your last question: Honestly, you have plenty of time and the investment should be worth it since Marvel isn’t coming out for a while. TvC is a good way to prepare for MvC3 (aside from being a fun game), if that’s what you’re aiming for. Plus, if you decide to go the custom/modded stick route, with some adapters you can make your stick work with multiple consoles.

Feel free to ask any questions here.

I’m not quite sure about the solutions yet. If it works out then I’ll be well on my way on getting some TvC action.

I actually went to the event yesterday for SSF4 (I lost quite early though). I was actually checking out the TvC area afterward and thought the game looked awesome (hence my sudden interest in the game).

I actually got to play quite a bit of MvC3 at Comic-Con. If TvC is as similar as everyone says, I want to start playing this game ASAP.

Are Hori sticks only $40? If so, can you please let me know where to get my hands on one? (Also, where did you see the MadCatz for $40? They go for $60 online at the Madcatz store.)

it is worth playing with a GC controller, a classic controller is just as good, dont play with the D-pad, nobody should ever play with D-pad, use the analog stick either GC or classic controller, i have to say you dont need an arcade stick to be a serious player.

while Mvc3 seem to have a lot of element from TvC i guess is an OK way to get ready for it, but that something you have to experience yourself

Ah sorry, its true that the mad catz sticks are higher priced. I meant to be talking about the Hori stick pricing (for cheapness). You might get lucky and find someone selling one of those TvC sticks for cheaper though.

What are the stock parts like for Hori sticks? I never had one, so I wouldn’t know.




Wii Hori, all Sanwa.

Got the stick for $25 at gamestop, another one on Ebay for $20.

$50 for Sanwa parts.

So sexy for TVC!

You make me incredibly jealous. I doubt I’ll find a deal as good as you, but I’m going to be looking for them.

I’m surprised you actually found one a Gamestop. I didn’t know that they carried them.

Also, were to parts easy to replace (like a Madcatz stick)? I’m going to assume that they were, but just double checking.

pads for this game aren’t terrible if you don’t want to throw down, but I got a stick and haven’t regretted the purchase at all.

Um you can usually go on ebay and find a good priced hori fightstick or Madcatz SE.

Your other options involve modding current sticks if you have one. The cheapest solution with modding would be to padhack and dualmod an existing stick with a Gamecube controller.

Another option would be to get the peewii board off of Lizardlick. It’s a wii Wireless pcb that hooks onto a wiimote. This is what I’m running on a MAS stick right now.

The more expensive option would be something like the MC Cthulhu Multi console pcb, which lets you run wii (via gamecube wire), ps3, ps2, and a bunch of other consoles.

If you’re looking for anything let me know, I have some spare parts to build a stick or I could just sell the parts for you to DIY.

the wireless hori sticks are light so I do not care for them, I suggest getting a wired stick with converter but it is all about preference. SoCal dude you better start going to Dream Lab and Level Up. Always down to train new people so they can get into it and enjoy the game as we do!

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Madcatz sticks for $45!

When I bought my wii hori from gamestop, it was 40 dollars and I got the last one. It’s kind of hard to find though since they don’t display it and you either have to call them or check online to see if they have any in stock. The buttons fell alright I guess, but you definitely have to push harder than Sanwa buttons to make them respond.

I might be able to get 2 sticks and a copy of TvC for $120. Is that a good deal? It feels pretty good to me.

The mod was super easy…that said with the basic knowledge of how to desolder/solder and all that. You will need a dremel and a drill also.

Probably not as easy as the Madcraps TE stick though, but really not that hard at all…

How to Mod your Hori Fighting Stick Wii - Neo-Geo Forums



I have one modded and one stock…there is no comparison, the Sanwa is superior in every way easily X10.

Great deal! one stick + game was $110+ for me

I think the best option (personally) is to get PS1/PS2 stick and use the Mayflash converter. First generation PS1 Dualshock controllers are the best padhacking into a workable arcade stick.

I mod sticks as a side-hobby, so I have enough general knowledge about stick modding in case you’re ever interested in a custom stick.