I've always wondered, what's so great about Tekken

Tekken? It’s coming onto its 6th game and I own 3 of them (Tekken 5, Tekken Tag, and Tekken 4). I’m not trying to flamebait, but I was just wondering what makes these great games? The fighting always felt clunky. Premade combos appear to be nonexistant, the blocking system is standard, and the grappling system is basic. Are this game series taken seriously among SRKers? Or is there something I’m missing? I haven’t played it for a long while, and after playing Street Fighter 3rd Strike I feel like they had nothing on this.

I always liked it a hell of alot better then VF :confused:

Cool combos, cool CG endings, crazy effects, bears, robots, kangaroos, a guy that looks like a girl, and EWGF.

It’s the quintesential American 3D fighter.

I assume you’ve seen high-level play of the last 4 games in the series(DR and 5.0 are two completely different beasts, really)? What exactly are you looking for? You can’t compare a 2D game to a 3D one, certain things don’t work without taking out the 3rd dimension and making it a 2.5D game like SFEX.

Premade combos? What are you looking for, a universal cMKxxFB type deal? There’s plenty of canned combos that are guaranteed on normal hit, links, stuff that links on CH, and of course juggles.

Blocking? There’s more defensive options than 3S has, normal blocking, there’s stuff that staggers, stuff that guardbreaks, frametraps, characters with high/mid counters, universal low parries, some chars with high-mid parries, punch only counters, kick only counters, what more do you want?

The throw system is one I agree could be reworked, as it’s easy for you to fuzzy guard and still beat throw-mid mixup, and some characters that have really good throws are beaten by the fact that the arms give it all away. The fact that sidestep beats throw as well makes some traps pointless.

But seriously, what are you looking for? If it’s not your style, then there’s no point to your question.:confused:

I don’t have a “style”. I watched high levels of play and it just didn’t look impressive. Possibly I didn’t play it enough. Maybe I was just more impressed by Street Fighter because I grew up with Tekken?

I really hate it when people ask, “What’s so great about…” It’s the most annoying question in the world. You might as well say, “I’ve already decided this is crap, and I challenge you to vainly attempt to convince me otherwise.”

Hypothetical scenario: someone asks you, “What’s so great about The Godfather?” There’s no answer to the question. Whatever you come up with, the asker has already decided that it isn’t great, so there’s no point in arguing the matter. Never mind the fact that anybody who doesn’t like The Godfather is a god damn retard; I guarantee you there are people who have asked this question, inviting people to ineffectually splutter about why it’s great until they give up in frustration and lament the fact that the world is filled with imbeciles.




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What’s so great about Tekken?

Kaz’s Tekken 2 track :lovin:

go out to the world, find some great tekken players and play against them for hours on end. you will know why its a good game. plus, the battle system isnt crappy like soul calibur or dead or alive.

Its Fun /end

(Isn’t that the reason we all play games?)

Find something that suits your style and roll with it, in the end, competition, casuals, just playing all are part of my answer above ;).


I used to play T5DR a fair bit against some decent comp and it was a lot of fun. I find moves and combos easier to execute than in 3S (Im a pretty poor super canceller) plus it looks real pretty :slight_smile:
It may be superficial to most, but I liked customising my fighter with cool accessories too :cool:

Better than Mortal Kombat and Dead or Alive alot more simplistic than Virtua Fighter

you defend by pressing backwards instead of pressing a block button.
so its great for 2d player habits :smiley:

That was always something I liked about tekken, not too simplistic, but not so complex that you can’t get into it without a huge time advancement. The original tekken(which I still have laying around somewhere, though some little kid broke my Tekken 2 :annoy:) was wonky as heck, but good fun :smiley:

chracter design: better then in other 3d fighters

controls: 1 button/1 limb is best!

fighting feels clunky? rofl


What makes it so great?

Tekken Bowl, baby!

Tekken Bowl and T3 Volleyball are fucking broken :lovin:

Only tekken minigame I didn’t like was that shitastic galaga game they had in the T1 opening.


Look around, read the strats, try them out, play some people, and then make a decision. I’m not sure why ‘the fighting system is standard’ and why it benefits a game to have pre-made combos, so I guess I don’t really understand your argument.

Did you accidentally get a DOA game in your tekken case or something?

EDIT: Volleyball with the one hit kill steel ball was awesome. As was bowling with Wang.