I've always wondered, what's so great about Tekken

This guy speaks the truth.

Bob is a beautiful beast.

long range throws track afaik.

i think the throw system is fine. throws lead to oki, or guaranteed damage. broken throws even lead to mind games. you can beak throws, but there are harder throws to break.

tekke 3’s soundtrack

Jin’s theme
Heihachi’s theme
Yoshimitsu’s theme

you mean just DOA right?

You don’t like Galaga? Man you are insane… Maybe you’re too used to flashy graphics and other conventions in new games, but Galaga is a solid game. That was one of my favorite parts of the Tekken series. Galaxian on the other hand… that game isn’t nearly as good.

well what makes it so great its probably one of the easiest 3D fighters to pick up out there and get good at.

-Xiaoyu all day

Tekken is easy to learn, most beginners who play could potentially win through mashing. The Tekken soundtracks are decent enough, but I still like VF a bit more.

tekken with supers would be interesting :slight_smile:

You misread that, I don’t like TEKKEN 1’s Galaga game. I like the normal galaga, but that one in t1 annoyed me to all kinds of hell(especially when trying to unlock the devil kaz skin).

@Shiki: Give someone a chance to fucking respond before flaming.

The online play is (now) what makes it great…

They don’t track well enough, there’s times where they can SS when they see your arms move and still get clean away from the appropriate long throw. Actually, maybe my complaint is that SS is very wonky in this one, even with the toning up of long throws. And even then it’s still a normal throw, which still has a semi-large escape window. I dunno, usually in those situations I just use a better tracking mid or low to keep them from just SS cancelling all around me.

Tekken is good because it’s good.

But I’d enjoy it more if it had:

-all close throws looking like 1+2 break, making it a pure guess to break them.
-strong/hard/slow/heavy attacks doing guard damage OR more moves that actually guardbreak, meaning if you block it then attacks of a certain speed and height are guaranteed.
-much less emphasis on juggling and instead emphasize links a la Wang’s b+2,1~1,4 and Bruce’s CH u/f+2~b+4,3.

Some of those changes would be fine but I’m not feeling any kind of guard damage in Tekken at all. Bryan already fucks people up…he doesn’t need guard damage.

My apologies.

Why is this question not being asked on TZ? You’d get a much better response over there.

tekken 6 is gonna have something similar to supers,but you gotta get hit alot

Friend pointed out how the juggle damage in 6 (thus far) seems to be lower damage than before, kind of giving less incentive to juggle in the first place. Maybe this will mean your wish will come true.

my bad, i forgot to include mortal kombat too.

Np, but seriously wait before jumping the gun dude. T1 galaga was my least favorite tekken game, for the simple fact that I had such hell getting all those funky ships <_<, I’d get so close too, and it got really challenging in later levels, so my hat’s off to any who did beat it.

OT: Speaking of DOA, I saw a commercial for the DVD last night :wasted: