I've been losing a lot, need your awesome guidance

Hey everybody, I just wanted to ask a few questions since I have been having trouble when battling online.

  1. When somebody jumps in and puts pressure on you, what are the best way to deal with it? Assuming I’m using Ryu or Rufus. Because when somebody puts pressure on me, I seem to only be able to land a crouch medium kick or one light punch before getting dominated by another combo.

  2. When I’m using Ryu or Rufus, I can’t seem to throw out any moves that I want, so I wanna ask if it’s due to the fact that I’m always holding the back block button and if that delays my timing if I do that too much?


  1. Anti-air the jump-ins if you can. Use a DP, or a normal move, or anything that can stop them from putting you in that close-up pressure situation in the first place. If they’re putting you in an attack string, the best option is just to crouch-block. Use crouch-techs if you notice that they like to go for tick throws a lot.

  2. Do you mean you have execution errors? Holding crouch-block position does somewhat slow down your execution as opposed to being in neutral position, but only by mere milliseconds at worst. If you’re having problems getting out your special moves, then you just need to practice them more often. Try to get to the point where you’re able to do them at least ten times in a row in training mode, without any errors, and with nice, clean inputs. If you can do it ten times in a row there, then you stand a much better chance of doing them consistently in a real match.

Alright, thanks for the tips. I’ll try to use anti-air jump-ins more often. Though for the execution errors, I don’t think it’s an error. I’ve been playing street fighter for years now, and I can do the special techniques no problem, I honestly don’t know why.

If you meant to do a move, and it didn’t come out, it’s either a) problem with the game, or b) execution errors. Of course it’s not as simple as you not knowing how to do a moves, a variety of factors can affect it. Maybe your twitch reactions are causing you to miss the inputs, or you get too nervous, scared, or excited, etc etc. It could be the fact that because you didn’t practice doing the moves while holding down-back, you’re having input errors. No way of knowing until you hit training mode and look at the input displays.

Thanks for the heads up. I’ll go hit the training mode and see what’s up with my commands. Appreciate all the help. :slight_smile:

If someone jumps in at u often time the crouching fierce will do the trick as an anti air. Different characters have different options, play around with your normal attacks and see what options you have.

As for your specials not seeming to come out… Sometimes the specials you want to try simply won’t work in certain situations. This is best learned through experience and frame data. Also sometimes you tried to execute something too soon and it won’t buffer from block recovery properly. Or you executed too late after you blocked, then the attack comes out and opponent is recovered and able to block/react. Or you could be frame trapped and if you input anything besides block you will be hit. There can be a lot of reasons you are having input problems really… Ultimately you will need to analyze yourself through replays, gain more experience under your belt, and start learning about frame data to maximize your growth potential.

For Ryu, st. short, st.roundhouse, along with cr.fierce also work well as anti-airs, but it really depends on what attack your trying to beat, as well as spacing. I believe Rufus’s only reliable anti-air is his cr.mp, which works very similarly to Abel’s cr.mk anti-air.

it is good that u point that out specifically about ryu. i think the short has good utility as an anti air… (and perhaps it leaves potential for a mix up with only 6 or 7 recovery frames??)

It’s a really under-utilized normal, that was extremely useful in ST. It has some potential for mix-up, since you can possibly go for an ambiguous cross-up, cross-up air tatsu into super, etc. Or even a dash up into a low attack, or dash up throw, dash up shoryu FADC ultra, etc etc. Depends how aggressive or conservative you want to play.

For Rufus I often like to use his standing HP for anti air. You gotta press it as soon as you see them jump. Too late and you’ll eat a combo.

Thanks for the tips guys. I’ve been practicing the things you guys have told me through training mode and against CPU. If anybody wants to practice with me, my PSN is BigWrolf … just message me if you see me online.

If your Ryu and someone jumps in the air towards you, use crouching heavy punch. If you want to get really good your better off with a better player watching your matches and telling you what you can improve it would take too long to explain everything. Simple advice is that triple projectiles such as Akuma or Oni means you never have to chase the other player, Cammy’s cannon drill has high priority while hitting low, better than Tiger knee.

Thanks for the advice. Would you or anybody reading this know where is a good place to post to find people to practice with? I’m trying to find more people to practice with. I live in Ontario, Canada … so preferably people that won’t make us both lag. :slight_smile:

Regional matchmaking session of the forums, for offline practice. For online, there are xbl and psn sections if you want to find people in your area. As I recall, I believe Ontario has a decent SF scene.