Ive been maining Sagat the last 3 months and



I have learned to like Sagat in sf4 ive played him in EVERY game and at first i did not like his speed and such. I honestly feel my Sagat is no good ive been watching players such as Mago/Rf/Ojisan boy/Alioune and my Sagat is no where near so im very discouraged. I am thinking of quiting Sagat I wanna use him in Super but im not sure seeing as my Sagat is not going to be any better now that he is getting nerfed.

If anyone can give me some advise id really appreciate it:rock:


What kind of advice are you actually looking for? lol. To build your game?


Rep the Cammy imo :lovin:


I think what makes Alioune such a great player is that he really really understands the game’s input system. He has found some option selects that look useful and I think he uses them. What makes him and Ryan Hart such great Sagat players is that they both play Sagat in the way that I think SF4 lends him to be – a complete defensive zoning monster. I haven’t played Alioune personally, and have only seen a few of his videos online, but he reacts and anticipates his opponents moves better than any other Sagat. And I can say the same for most of Ryan Hart’s videos.

From what I saw of some of your Battlefield Arcadia games, your offense is undeniably some of the best. But what if you played at a slower pace? By maybe playing more of a zoning game, you could really abuse Sagat’s stronger points (I swear that is how Ryan Hart plays and wins his games). Yes, Sagat has a lot of offensive options, but what really makes him strong is that it is very hard to get in on the man if you play him correctly. By hitting every AA, and abusing the correct TS spacing, I feel like Sagat should be an impenetrable fortress. And when you combine that with the sort of punishes you can dish out, every game should be like cake.

I guess that’s my 2 cents from a strategy point of view.


you play sagat like he is a crazy motherfucker and i wish that sagat could be like that too but he’s some slow dude that cant even walk right and dies when he gets too close


Dude I’ve been trying to pick up Sagat plenty of times, every like 2 weeks I try to play him for a whole day straight because I LOVE how he plays, but I suck complete dick with him! I can’t do anything. He’s like a completely different breed from any other character ( too slow, even gief looks quicker)… So more often than not I get jumped in on or just got some guy sitting in front of me waiting to do something (then getting jumped in on) and it pisses me off! I watch videos of top players, but CANNOT emulate them… sometimes when I get my game up I can zone them real good but I have a big trouble just playing him overall… I need some serious help, if ANYONE wants to play me hit me up on XBL.

I’m G1 with almost 22k points, and I can play any other character somewhat decent except some characters I don’t play at all. My skill level is NOT scrub, I’ll tech everything offline, 8/10 online, I know what kara/zoning/option selects are, and shit like that but something with Sagat just makes me play like a complete scrub lol…

Someone PLEASE give me some ( damn I make myself sound desperate as hell ;/) tips on what to do… It’s like I’m reading the shit in other threads, but nothing computes in game… could it be that I just don’t have enough experience playing him? People say even scrubs can win games with him but that’s not the case for me since people in G1 are a lot smarter (most of them)… I mean I know shit like s.lk -> ts and how to combo into his ultra and everything but… yeah. someone hit me up later tonight to understand what I’m bitching and moaning about …


Sanford, I dont know if this is advice or just some thoughts that might help. Now dont take this the wrong way, but it seems like any char you use you go for some of the craziest shit alive ( combo wise). Is that a bad thing, no not at all, its just different. To me it looks like maybe your trying to prove something with the combos you do. You dont, your Sanford fucking kelly lol. When I first watched your match against Shine I was thinking in my head how bad ass that looked, the sick rush down and maddening combos. However after thinking about it and going into training mode and seeing the damage; they really REALLY take away gats damage potential.

Now I dont consider my self amazing but I dont think I suck, lol even know I say it all the time. So just bare with me here. It’s obvious that you go for flash/rush/pressure whatever it is, maybe Sagat isnt your type of char. But maybe he is, you play him extremely unorthodox. But of course everyone has their own style so to each his own. But if your watching vids of Mago/Oji/RF, sure they have their own style, some zone like crazy (RF) some are more in your face (Oji), but how many times are they going out of their way to perform 6,7,8,14 hit combos with gat. Sure they will finish some matches with a TS FADC combo but thats about as “Flashy” as I really see it get. Use his more damaging combos. Instead of prolonging the end for your opponent by performing a combo clinic on them. Your mind games are impeccable and your pressure is crushing, just need to do more Dmg man!

Sagats a monster, and im not sure if your discouraged because you lost or Alioune, but thats def not something to be discouraged about. Hes mained Sagat since the get go, your just “starting” per say. My only advice would be to keep playing like your playing. Maybe instead of doing a cr.lk cr.lk. cr.lp TS cr.lk cr.lk st.hk 3 times a match, just finish your bnb with TU and move on with the pressure. Im not saying dont ever use it, its your identity, but the damage is laughable; it does make the opponent shit their pants though.

All in all im just an aspiring Sagat player from MI (shout out to the Detroit crowd), I dont know much, just enough. Iv been playing Sagat since day one and am no where near LI or FloE status. Dont get discouraged, dont loose your identity, your Sagat is beastly so keep him, have a nice day.

For EpikBeat: I have the problem of people blatantly jumping in for no reason ALL THE TIME.In G1 you wouldn’t expect this but its almost as if they do it to spite me for using Sagat. Best bet would be to get your execution down pat. BnB’s, ultra setups, block strings, slow TS is your friend. Bait out jumps and punish them, however dont expect them to stop jumping ( read above). The reason you might have trouble adapting is because you might use more “versatile” chars. Now before everyone blows up yes Sagat has his own form of versatility its called Damage. But it sounds like your used to using chars with maybe rapid fire jabs or fast walk speed or some other attribute that allows you to vary your game play up alot.

Dont use Sagat on and off, if you want to use him, USE him. Thats all I have to say I suppose. And dont let the ungratefull Gat haters get you down, They will jump in on you out of disrespect lol. Punish those clowns.


Hey brotha, thanks for the reply. I decided to just straight up and sit through a decent set about 20 matches and got some G1 matches in with Saga, and safe to say that it’s definitely just getting used to him. I won 3 out of 5 (most of the time it’s either 0/5-1/5 matches) matches in G1 and over half the set against some scrubs Blanka. That Blanka really let me get used to things and let me practice my reaction times for punish and zoning game.

Still have a little trouble when everyones in my face, but I guess I just have to learn sagats normals and links better.


Ahoy Sanford… before replying decided to watch ya in Battlefield Arcadia X

Have to say your Sagat is actually quite impressive. If I were to place two gripe it would be a lot of Tiger Uppercuts, I’d suggest laying back a bit on them, stop trying for the psychic DPs as a lot of your times getting punished are from attempted psychic DPs. My second suggestion would be to level up your Kara knee pressure strings. There seems to be some serious openings inbetween each rep. Your other pressure strings are pretty solid but your knee pressure strings are a bit slow. I thought maybe you were trying to mindfuck them a bit with the odd timed pressurestrings but, when I watched a lil more I noticed it was always a bit delayed.

To be honest, I am not much of a Sagat player myself, but in SF4 (hell any fighting game) you gotta observe the top tier character(s), and even though SF4 is more balanced then most spent a lot of time observing high end Sagat play. you have some great Sagat so don’t feel too bad about it but everyone can improve their gameplay, even Mago.

You seem to change characters a lot, so the real question is, is Sagat your real main? Do you like the way he plays, or are you picking him because of how good he is? Sometimes tierpicking is important (hell you know that your a MvC2 player) but in a game like SF4 where the tiers are all pretty close, it is better to choose someone you want to work on and grind up. If you want to level up your Sagat, and you really like his style, grind the shit out that. If your not sure, and your pretty sure you dont’t like him, I’d suggest picking up someone you do like the gameplay and level it up. Admittedly lower tiers may get you lower spots in tournaments at first, but a lot of them are creeping up the tournemant brackets (Gen for instance.)

Good luck to ya


start diddling around with seth sanford, Seth is made for you brah


Having you tried talking to EmblemLord?


The thing is Sanford you’re a rushdown player and Sagat is a heavy zoning character. You have some of the best rushdown I’ve seen. I really don’t know how I can help you. I say stick with Cammy until SSFIV comes out and then decide to change.


part of my soul dies every time i see you burn two bars to FADC a tigershot :frowning:


I can only come at this having played an amazing Sagat in Alioune and watched you on live streams - nice stuff on the last 2 comps. If you want Alioune/Mago level play, as some of the guys here have said, you need to have 100% discipline in yourself to not deviate from shutting down every option your opponent has and zoning and spacing the living daylights out of them first before you go after them. In playing Alioune he sticks to his bread and butters, he buffers his fireballs out of whiffed moves, his kara game is absolutely on point and he has a knack of rarely making errors. Coming from what is one of Gats easier opponents, I consider it a victory just taking rounds off the guy, but have had to learn its almost a match in itself. As an example vs Honda, he creates a situation where all Honda has vs him, 90% of the time, is s.hk, s.hp and hands as offensive weapons. This means for most of the fight he only has 3 options to worry about and only when Honda gets close enough, so he can concentrate on all his own options. I am certain he spends lots of time playing with other characters too explore their options and what he has with Sagat to take as many options away from them. I can imagine if he sees something he does not like or is a threat to his Sagat he will practice until he creates at minimum a 50/50 situation for him.

I cannot stress enough that I think what makes the players you mention so good with Sagat, is that they create a situation with him where the guessing games they have to make are minimised to a manageable level, that frustrate their opponents into making mistakes and they know what they can punish and do everytime. Sanford I have no doubt you could execute just as well with combos and punishes, but I think those guys are at the level they are becasue of their understanding of match ups, the game engine and their mindset…not that they just have great combos and mix ups. I am not saying you are not capable of having that discipline, but if you don’t want to play like that, then I think you will struggle to take that step with Sagat. Some would say this style of play is boring, but I would say its what sets the men from the boys with Sagat or any other character.


Why? I don’t see how that is bad if you don’t have an ultra, especially if you have an awesome life lead. Why end at a tiger shot in the combo if you can get a mp xx TU after it FTW?


sanford - i think you need to work on your fireball game more. like ojisan/mago, etc they got some sick fireball game. just speed up your baits and fireballs, basically think FASTER than you do now. it might not seem effective at first, but practice makes perfect. if you learn to think and react faster with your fireball game, you’ll become a lot better. you’re game is already solid, but japanese style is very “fast” thinking play. american style is more patient slower paced i think. so my advice is to just think faster and improve your fireball game. shouldn’t be too hard for you.


Sanford you need more textbook Sagat. You have sick combos (c.lk, c.lk, st.far jab, st. roundhouse) but it does less damage than the BnB, doesn’t end in knockdown, and you don’t get the EX generated by tiger uppercutting at the end. Also the insane combos you do in gameplay, that two bars of EX you cancelled could’ve gone the more damaging route (TU>F.RH or ultra). Cancelling from a tiger shot should mostly be done for guaranteed damage to end the game, or from some moves such as st. short>low tiger shot. To get farther with Sagat you have to work on the zoning, and always make your opponent come to you (some exceptions would be Akuma since he beats you in fireball). Learn to use his excellent normals more often, and zone like there’s no tomorrow, it’s where Sagat excels at most.


Sanford I am going to keep it soo reaall, real talk sanford, the best thing you can do to up your skills is to “PICK A TOP TIER” who wants to work
Hard for their wins??? I know I don’t…ooohhh you picked Sagat already?? Ok my next piece of advice is “PICK A BOTTOM TIER” break out your DAN
Man, can you imagine when your at EVO 2010 at Caesars Palace with J.Wong on the left of you Daigo on the RIght and Marn on your nutz, how much respect you
Will get wupping everyones ass with DAN. Who wants to see Daigo win again with FADC RYU?? Boooorrrriiiinnnnggggggg, who wants to see
J. Wong turtling, Borriiinnnggggggggggg…when you win EVo with Dan, now that will make headlines. My vote is to give up Sagat and focua on a character
That nobody s going to expect you to win with, now that will get you respect. And if that doesn’t work just book a room at the Holiday Inn Express, I hear it
Does wonders for people…Hollla. :tup:


Here are some of my matches with some really solid players imo thank for the help everyone i need to improve my game with Sagat.


Tell me what i should do moreplease these are recent and some old matches of mine.


Sanford, watched the Honda vid and although you beasted him, you could beast him more lol. I think you know the kara uppercut punish for mp and hp headbutt, but did not use it. One thing you dont do in that match in particular is when you jump back after a block string you should always put out mp pretty much the minute you leave the ground - it stuffs a high number of buttslams, which is normally a good option on reaction to punish a back jump from close. When you do go into Sagats Fireball game use a few more lp baits between them and get those late anti airs with uppercut as everyone knows the trade is not good for Edmond. Last but not least standing mk is a great poke for Sagat inside tiger knee range when Honda gets closer, it has equal priority on standing hk for Honda and has more range than Hondas standing hp and his c.lp for the hands so is a good counter footsies option.

I am sure the Honda guys will hate me for posting this info, but I play Sagats who do this stuff and make it very hard for my Honda, so its nothing I nor they should not be playing against - its not about getting an easy ride becasue your oppoenent does not know all their options and you can exploit them for it lol…