I've been out of the genre for a while... help me get back into it! (KoF! maybe SF...)


Hey everyone,

Useless back story: I was a HUGE fan of fighting games in the early/mid 90’s. There was a very active arcade scene in my area, and many an afternoon was spent in front of a Street Fighter 2 cab. As i got older and the arcades went under, my love of fighting games went, too. I had some friends that would play, but it was infrequent and most gamer friends of mine went the FPS route. After a while i just sort of played fighting games on my own and eventually not at all…

Thanks to facebook, i caught some videos of last weekend’s EVO… and i’m pretty psyched to get into things again.

So, now I’m asking for some help as to where to start!!

In all my years, i tended to gravitate towards the KoF games… especially '98. I did love some SF as well, but my favorite has always been Alpha 3, and i don’t know how SF4 compares. There also seem to be a slew of other games out there that i am just not familiar with…

I just bought my PS3 less than a year ago. I hadn’t really played games since 2006 or 2007-ish, so most of my fighting game library is on older systems (PS2 and Dreamcast). But now that i have the PS3, i’d like to get some playing done online!

I suppose i plan on buying KoF and SF4 as a starting off point… but what about the other ‘older’ games that have been re-released? Do any of them have any sort of active online play?

I know new iterations of games get new mechanics, but to attempt to re-aquire my skills in the mean time… would any of the skill (or lack-there-of) I have in these older games translate into the newer stuff?

-KoF: '98 and XI were the ones i played the most, and most recently. Also, Mark of Garou (sp?).
-SF: Alpha 3 was my main game, but i did play a little 3rd Strike and a ton of SF2 Turbo and Super SF2 Turbo a longer time ago.
-Cap vs SNK 2: I also LOVED this game, and i actually had a lot of friends that played it as well back in '01-'03.

I actually own “X-Men vs SF” and “Marvel vs Capcom 2”… but i never got into it… same with the Guilty Gear series, i own X2 but the only one in the series i still play is the original on PS1.

Anyways, i’m rambling… i just want to start myself off on the best foot possible and any guidance would be much appreciated!


If you want to get back into fighting games I would suggest picking up SF4, the online crowd is still pretty bustling and if you hook up with some people from SRK you can get into a ton of matches to actually learn - just randomly playing ranked will show you nothing but how to mash out strong uppercuts with no regard of tactics. I only suggest SF4 over KoF because it’s the most accesible of the two, the basics in Street Fighter can be picked up within a month, and you can spend the rest of your life refining them.

Good news if you really don’t want to pick SF4 over KoF though: KoF XIII is the best release of KoF in years - and is quickly becomming a real contender in the 2d fighting game genre - they have really turned a lot around. The only downside (and it is pretty steep) is online play sucks, takes a while to find a match and because you’re on a PS3 - the potential pool of players is smaller.

In whatever game you pick up make sure to check out the threads sticked in this very subsection - and go check out the stickied threads in your (eventual) game of choice’s board - they usually have a lot of “Day 1” material you should watch, read about, and learn.


That’s awesome! Yeah, like i said, i’ve been out of the Street Fighter game since Alpha 3. I DID get heavily into CvS2, but even though i own it, i missed a lot of the stuff introduced in SF3. I look forward to playing SF4 in any case!

Hmmm… good to know. Yeah, KoF is my game, honestly. I think ANY online play would be nicer than the absoloute ZERO play i have, now. Shoot, i totally pre-ordered KoFXI, got it day 1, played it incessantly for months… and to this day i have not fought against a single human opponent.

If possible, what are the big mechanics changes from XI to XIII? I know i missed XII, but i would think at least SOME of the mechanics from XI have carried over… and i mean… a ‘Bustah Woluf’ is still a ‘Bustah Woluf’…

I consider myself a good learner! Haha, once i get a trajectory going (hence, my thread here) i’ll shut up and take in videos, threads, and whatever else.

Speaking of games… I know it’s still new, but SF x Tekken seems intriguing, too. I do like “party” fighting games (KoF, CvS2), how do the mechanics of this game compare? Is it REALLY Tekken-y? I haven’t played a Tekken game since a friend of mine whoped my ass with Eddie in Tekken 3 by mashing buttons… with his toes… :frowning:

I appreciate the help!


SFxT is a fun game. It takes the spacing, zoning, 2d placements (crossups and the likes) from Street Fighter, and mixes them with a liberal juggle system and a lot of high-low mixups. It removes a lot of “unfair” SF setups like ambiguous crossups on wakeup (because now you can roll when waking up). The Tekken characters function pretty well when compared to their 3d counterpart but there is no doubt that this is a Street Fighter first, so far it seems like a lot of the top players and casual users are sticking with the SF cast, they are much easier to use at first.

The game has been getting terrible press and reviews (admittedly by it’s own cause most of it, DLC, features, terrrrrrrrrrrrrible PC patching) but if you can look past that it really is a quirky and fun game to toss around for a bit. There is a LOT of technology that is waiting to be discovered, this might end up being another TvC - something big (a game in the VS series) but nothing that really catches onto mainstream appeal.

There are just so many fighting games out there it’s hard to know which one is deserving of your 10,000 hours of practice.


SFxT has some great mechanics in it, but it’s ruined by certain other decisions, including those you mentioned. Gems in particular could have been so much more - with more “mechanic” gems, (some of which probably would have had to occupy 2 or 3 gem “slots” for balance) the gem system could have functioned as a sort of custom groove system, and that would have been amazing.

You haven’t mentioned Persona 4 Arena at all, but it’s definitely worth looking at if you find GG interesting at all. It has shorthops similar to KoF too, if that’s your thing. Check out the basics primer on Dustloop for an overview. It comes out August 7th.


I’ve been reading up on SFxT… i may wait on it and focus more on KoF XIII and SSF4AE for now… i’ll keep an eye on it and see if it gets any sort of updates in the next few months.

As for P4arena… i’ve never played the Persona RPGs, and Guilty Gear lost me after the first one. I didn’t get into Blaze Blue, either. So i may pass on it… it LOOKS pretty, though!

For a point of reference, my top 5 fave fighting games are:

  1. KoF '98
  2. Street Fighter Alpha 3
  3. KoF 2002
  4. Capcom vs. SNK 2
  5. Tie: KoF XI and Garou: Mark of the Wolf


3rd strike
Are the shit.


I picked up KoFXIII and SF4AE on my lunch break today! The forecast says it’s gonna rain for a large part of the weekend… Time to see what i’ve missed out on for the past almost-decade! :slight_smile:


I think what most people overlooked is that you should get an arcade stick as you grew up in arcades (assuming you prefer sticks to pad).

If you have the cash i strongly suggest you getting a QANBA RAF4, its build is comparable if not better than the madcatz TE (market standard, easy choice) but most importantly it is dual modded, ie works on both ps3 and xbox. This will be important in the event you decide to join any local gatherings as people tend to organise on dfferent consoles and would save you good $ if you had ever to buy two sticks.


An arcade stick is something i’ve been researching, for sure. I used one on PS1 and Dreamcast, but skipped it on PS2. Now i think i’ll get back into it again… at the very least i can mentally legitimize my impending lousy playing with the, “i’m just getting use to a stick” excuse. :slight_smile:

I really like the aesthetics of the QANBA RAF4, however, it’s a bit on the pricey side. I could viably do it, but it’s a large enough investment that i would want to be sure i’m REALLY into fighting games, still.

As it stands, and because i didn’t want to ask about sticks in my OP, i HAVE done some research, and it looks like i could score a MadCatz WWE Brawl stick for ~$40 on the local craigslist thanks to the dude not being comfortable with his hands laying across some pictures of shirtless dudes… one man’s homophobia is another’s gain, i suppose! :smiley:

In any case, what i’ve read makes it seem like that’d at least be a good starting point for me!


Also, while i have a tread going… i have some questions of who would be good characters to focus on, based on who i played a lot of in previous installments!

SF IV: Essentially i like quicker strike-oriented characters (Specifically: Cammy, Fei Long, Adon) and/or charge characters (Specifically: Dee Jay, Guile, Blanka)… and even i think it’s strange that i never gelled with Vega as he seems to be both… also I’m 100% serious that Karin was my main in SFAlpha 3, and i’m super bummed that she’s missing… but if those preferences may work with other characters, i’m all ears!

For KoFXIII i already have my ideas :wink:


The only characters I would use from those mentioned, lol those other characters feel and look like ughhh.
fei long


Vega FTW! I’m kinda in the same boat as you OP.
Working on getting a stick also.
If you order from gamestop.com, they sell brand new standard edition sticks for 39.99, not sure how much shipping is.
once you get a SE stick, i hear it is really easy to mod them with sanwa parts, after doing all that, the price is still under the price of a tournament edition stick.


Dismatt, I’d never mention this if you were introduced to fighters through consoles, but since you grew up with the oldies, you can still play your favourite fighters online through GGPO,Supercadeand Arclive. Competition is very good since there a lot of good players from all over the world gather.

If you have a PC and follow the tutorials, netplay will be very good, especially on GGPO. Most sticks work on PC as well. For Capcom vs SNK 2 though you’ll need a ps2 emulator with netplay patch and I havent tried this yet.


Well, i got SUPER stoked for a second… found the WWE Brawl stick for 19.99 on Gamestop’s website… only to then notice that it’s unavailable for online purchase and no shops in an almost 100 mile radius have it in stock. :frowning:

@petran79: That’s AWESOME! I’m definitely going to check those out when i get home. I doubt my laptop will handle a PS2 emulator… but that’ll still leave at LEAST KoF 98 and SFA3 available… as well as some other randoms i use to enjoy the hell out of… i got wayyyy into World Heroes 2 Jet and played it constantly in the arcade for about half a year, straight!


Can’t you talk to your local store and have them get it shipped from the nearest store which has it for free? I know they’re usually willing to do that with games, anyways.


I’ll definitely be looking into this! haha, i dunno why i didn’t think of that… I need to not let myself have such a negative outlook on GameStop… i guess i’m still bitter about them buying out FuncoLand!! :smiley:


You won’t need a super powerful computer if you use the Fire Burn Alpha arcade emulator. Probably the computer you have now will be more than enough especially for the games you mentioned.