I've been playing for 2013

Hey guys, I’ve recently started playing in anticipation of 2013 being good. I haven’t played since the game came out. I’ve been playing some ranked matches and recording them for fun. i havent hit training mode or studied since I knew the game was going to change, I didn’t want to learn things that weren’t going to work after the change. Here are my noob adventures lol. I play Sim/Ogre


Honestly Ogre’s play-style is largely unchanged. The big difference is the throw+dash buff combined with the cr.MP change. Now that he can CADC his cr.MP Ogre can close the distance on the ground almost instantly and threaten opponents with mixups and frame-traps.

Yeah I’m trying to incorporate the c.mp. I lacking offense. I’ve seen ppl apply pressure with Ogre but I haven’t figured it out yet. I’m not sure if I have the best team but I definately like how each of them plays.

First day of 2013



Good stuff man. You missed a couple of opportunities to switch cancel off the yoga sniper, also some of your tags lost you a lot of red life. Also you should be punishing raw tags much harder. Both Sim and Ogre can punish raw tags pretty hard from full screen with their teleports.

A little more 2013