I've been told twice that i am a turtle



my overall gameplan with ken is to zone out a little bit with st.roundhouse,step kick,and fireballs. i play safe until i get a hard knockdown and then i go for mix ups. i guess i could say that im kinda scared to engage because if i don’t get in by step kicking i jump in. step kicks can be a little predictable. i guess i should be kara focusing right outside the max range and bait them to whiff something and punish with step kick,sweep etc. i guess what i want from you guys is your overall gameplan(feel free how to discuss how you get in) and discuss how i should be getting in.advice in any way shape or form would also be appreciated even though ive only shared a little bit about my gameplan. thanks


My advice is, don’t let people change up your style man. If it is working for you that’s you.


If you’ve got people complaining, then you’re doing something right. There’s nothing wrong with any play-style.

In terms of a general game-plan, it varies depending on how my opponent plays.

[]If they like to walk forward, I try to poke them at the rhythm of when they move forward.
]If they’re trying to whiff punish you by trying to stay out of your poke range, use this opportunity to walk forward and push them into the corner.
[]If they try poking your walking forward, walk right out of the range of the poke you predict and whiff punish.
If they’re defensive:
]Up close, I walk up and throw if I think they’re just going to block, poke if I think they’re going to push a button.
[]From footsie range, I’d use fireballs and low forwards to push them into the corner to start the attack or throw mix-up.
]If they’re cornered but I don’t want to walk forward, I use well spaced jab and fierce fireball to try to make them scared to jump and DP if they do.
If they’re offensive:
[]If it’s point blankish, I block if they like to push buttons, stick out a poke if they walk forward or aren’t pushing buttons and in range.
]Make them commit to mistakes and whiff punish with good footsies.
[]Find that range around outside their longest jump attack and play the fireball/uppercut game.
Some general things:
]Poke with fireballs if stand HK or cr.MK wont work, like on Claw.
[]Use step-kick as an anti-limb move. Well place step-kicks to stuff the start-up of fireballs by hitting their extended fist for example.
]Stand MK or HK to beat out lows.
[]Go for an ambiguous cross-up only after a forward throw and if it won’t get me cornered unless it’s for the win.
]Use G77’s FTK Mix-up after a DP.


thanks a lot for the advice man. i already use most of the advice you’ve given me but its just nice to hear from someone that i’m doing right. ive just been trying to play a lot like a michael tan safe style/playerjun rushdown when i get a knockdown. would you like to play some xbl sometime? hit me up @lifeispeachy17


Sure, my Xbox ID is phoeuth2k. I can’t say have the greatest connection though.


Don’t hate the player hate the game


Judging from your first post. You are not doing anything wrong AT ALL. Keep it up.
With that playstyle, good matchup knowledge, and good reaction, you can go very very far with your ken.


thank you so much. i appericaite that a lot. its just hard to level up on NA xbl


You have a good style with ken…whenever your playing me you can be a little predictable sometimes…start going for frame traps like cr mp and such they can lead to really good setups


ggs man. What jfarr said.^^^ Also, you dont always have to do something on my wakeup. You stopped doing it after a few wakeup dp’s lol. GG’s


ggs. hope to play more :smiley: