"I've been waiting for this moment" The Akihiko Thread


This is a thread to talk about and discuss general information, strategies and so on for everyones favorite boxer, [S]Dudley.[/S] Akihiko Sanada.

This first post will be updated consistently with need to know information for Sanada.

Akihiko Sanada Dustloop Wiki

Akihiko Dustloop Character Forum (has a GD, matchup info, combo, FAQ and Video thread)

Some staple Akihiko combos

short guide for ^^^^ video

[details=Spoiler] 0:00

  • Basic combos (Both corner and midscreen),

  • Intermediate/Advanced combos,

  • 5B Fatal counter combos,

  • 2B Anti-air combos,

  • ???,

  • Combos off of a grab,

  • Blockstrings into a mixup,

  • Counter grab combos,

  • Jump-ins/Air-to-air,

  • Followups off of j.C (counter-hit),

  • Followups off of air grabs,

  • All-out-attack combos,

  • Followups after DP,

  • More mixups,

  • Combos that Shinji saw [/details]


Akhiko gives no shits about his own persona, and beats the shit out of other personas when people call them out.
I gotta say this guy is going to be one tough mother fucker to fight. Especially with 10000 health at his disposal.


Lol your right about his persona. Haha he only has two moves!! Strictly relies on kicking ass


I started doing his trials, but does anybody know if his qcb a (air) is safe?


I don’t think so. I did it in a match and got punished. I think all his specials leave u open for punish.


Gotta do that "a b c " If u miss (waste half bar )


Nope. As far as I know its VERY unsafe.


Only safe if you do boomerang hook after or sweep.


Gottnoskill stop playing my characters. :lol:


Got to play the characters right to make them yours. :wink:


So sweep>jump>qcb a or b> qcf qcf a works ??


afaik sweep is not jump cancellable.


What’s afaik ?


as far as I know


Oh thanks doc !!


So, since no one has made a thread to represent this package of masculinity compact into 2d animation, I decided to do it.
For now, let’s just discuss what are his best setups, normal moves, safe and unsafe moves, etc.


Oh god my eyes. You spelled Caesar wrong.
Edit: FIRST!



holy crap, I didn’t see that. And I went through it twice two >.>


which is a better set up?
Jump in dash far C or jump in dash close B?
i use both, but sometimes I find myself wishing I had done the other one.