I've covered wars y'know - Frank West thread



Frank’s back, and he’s got yet another war to cover!
“AGAIN!? Why do you guys always go for me!?”


Frank West Reveal Trailer “Just got back from covering my last intergalactic war and now this!”




Frank West vs Rocket Raccoon Gameplay #1




Frank West vs Rocket Raccoon Gameplay #2




Frank West’s Theme Extended (Remix of Adam the Clown’s theme in Dead Rising 1)




This time around, Frank doesn’t seem to resemble his TvC counterpart as much. He comes equipped with many new moves and abilities!

** Level Up!**
Right off the bat, one of Frank’s new properties is the ability to Level Up! his abilities, changing his normals and specials, even gaining new ones. Frank starts at level one and can Level Up! up to five times; leveling up can be done by taking a picture of your opponent, which grants Frank Prestige Points that he uses to Level Up! Each picture taken can either recover red life or even return regular health to Frank! The amount of Prestige Points given can be doubled by drinking alcohol first, but be warned; Frank will vomit if he fights for too long after ingesting it, leaving him completely vulnerable for a short time! Tag him out to give him a breather and get it out of his system.

Leveling up is only possible by gaining Prestige Points. You level up at 5SIZE=1/20(lvl3)/50(lvl4)/100(lvl5) Prestige Points for a total of 5 levels. (PP totals pending confirmation for now)[/SIZE]

(Note: Move names and motions needed-and even being specials at all-are not confirmed until noted otherwise)

Normal Moves|


[LEFT](Note: Number of asterisks(*) indicate how many levels are needed to use this normal.)[/LEFT]

[LEFT]:m: Normals: Plunger*[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Frank swings his plunger at the enemy. The:d::m: version does not seem to hit low.[/LEFT]
[LEFT]:m: Normals: Broom**[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Instead of a plunger, Frank swings a broom at his opponent. T**he:d::m: version does not seem to hit low.[/LEFT]
[LEFT]:m: Normals: Dual Paddlesaw****[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Frank pulls out two chainsaws taped to paddleboards on opposite ends, swinging them to slash the opponent. Has great range and hits multiple times. His airborne :m: even hits behind him! [/LEFT]
[LEFT]:h: Normals: Baseball Bat
[LEFT]Frank swings one of his many baseball bats. Unlike the special’s Baseball Bat, this one has reduced range and does not have any special properties.[/LEFT]
[LEFT]:h: Normals: Chainsaw
[LEFT]Frank brings a chainsaw to slash up his opponent. Hits multiple times.[/LEFT]
[LEFT]:f::h: Command Normals: Object Throw[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Frank throws an item at the enemy. Changes depending on level.[/LEFT]
[LEFT]:d::h: Slide*[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Frank slides with one leg outstretched, sweeping the enemy if it connects. This was improved in sliding distance from TvC to UMvC3. (Hits low)[/LEFT]
[LEFT]j.:d::h: Knee Dive (Hits High)*[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Frank stops all momentum and begins to dive downwards with one knee pointed at the ground, knocking down anyone he hits, **causing different effects on the opponent based on his current level;[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Hard knockdown.[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Ground bounce.[/LEFT]
[LEFT]:s: Normals: Golf Club
[LEFT]Frank swings his golf club upwards to launch the enemy.[/LEFT]
[LEFT]j.:s: Normals: Baseball Bat
[LEFT]Frank swings one of his many baseball bats. Unlike the special’s Baseball Bat, this one has reduced range and does not have any special properties. This launches the opponent down.[/LEFT]
[LEFT]:s: Normals: Sledgehammer
[LEFT]Instead of a golf club, Frank launches his enemy with a sledgehammer. Does more damage than his Golf Club. [/LEFT]
[LEFT]:s: Normals: Axe
[LEFT]Frank now uses an axe to launch the enemy with. In the air, this will ground bounce if the opponent was not launched prior to using it.[/LEFT]

[LEFT]:s: Normals: Large Axe****[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Frank grabs an axe even larger than his normal one and launches his enemy.[/LEFT]

[LEFT]Special Moves|[/LEFT]
(Note: Number of asterisks(*) indicate how many levels are needed to use this special.)

[LEFT]:d::df::f::s: Camera Shot* (airOK!)[/LEFT]
[LEFT]*Frank takes a picture of the opponent, adding one Prestige Point for every hit in his current combo along with one single point for the camera shot. Is blockable, does not Level Up! on block; only on hit. *[/LEFT]

[LEFT]:d::df::f: :l: / :m: / :h: Tools of Survival* (airOK!)[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Frank takes out a weapon which varies depending on level and attacks the enemy with it. Each button strength grants a different weapon for this move:[/LEFT]
[LEFT]:l: Broom Flurry (airOK!)[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Frank uses a broom and hits his enemy with a few quick stabbing motions. Seems to pull the enemy towards Frank somewhat. Can be combo’d into and off of.[/LEFT]
[LEFT]:m: Baseball Bat[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Frank grabs a baseball bat and smacks the opponent hard.This does not seem to be changed very much from TvC’s Frank West. Causes a wallbounce.[/LEFT]
[LEFT]:h: Axe (OTG) (Hits High)[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Frank brings an axe downward upon his opponent, causing different effects on the opponent based on his current level;[/LEFT]
[LEFT]**Hard knockdown.*[/LEFT]
[LEFT]**Ground bounce.[/LEFT]
[LEFT]*****Even higher ground bounce. The height and fall speed resembles the last hit of Nemesis’ rocket launcher hyper.

:b: SIZE=3 :f:[/SIZE] :l: / :m: / :h: [SIZE=3] Hammer Throw*[/SIZE]
*A zombie appears behind Frank, which he grabs and pushes towards the enemy, dealing damage when they collide with them. **The *:h: *version zombie latches on to who it hits, leaving them helpless for an amount of time until they manage to break free of its hold. *

[LEFT]:l: / :m: / :h: Roundhouse Kick**[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Frank performs a swift turning kick and knocks his opponent back. This special has three versions:[/LEFT]
[LEFT]:l: A fake kick that Frank delays.[/LEFT]
[LEFT]:m: Knocks the opponent back into a hard knockdown.[/LEFT]
[LEFT]* :h: Hits low and OTGs. *[/LEFT]

[LEFT]Giant Swing*[/LEFT]
[LEFT]*A zombie appears next to Frank to which he grabs and swings in a circle, moving forward a bit, then hurling it in the opponent’s direction. *[/LEFT]

[LEFT]Flying Dodge :atk: :s: **[/LEFT]
[LEFT]*Frank quickly dodges out of harm’s way, leaping forward and rolling. Has some invulnerability. Is cancelable. *[/LEFT]

:d: :d: :s: Bottom’s Up!*
Frank takes a big swig of some alcohol, which will “power up his photography”, doubling his Prestige Point output. After 10 seconds Frank will vomit, interrupting whatever he was doing (if Frank is in the air it will activate upon landing) and will be immobilized for some time! Cannot be canceled. At all. (You may tag out to run out the timer)



Frank drinks once again and grants 30% hyper bar.
Shopping Cart
Frank runs into his opponent with a shopping cart. Hits multiple times.
Weapon Attack
Frank hits them with a weapon, pulling them towards him. Weapon used changes depending on level.

Hyper Combos|


Shopping Cart Rush* (level 1)
Frank grabs a shopping card filled with sharp and deadly weapons, some even attached to the end, ramming into whatever lies in his way and pushing them back. This wallbounces the opponent on the last hit. Has different weapons inside based on Frank’s current level.
Weapon X* (level 1) SIZE=1 [/SIZE]
Frank grabs his entire arsenal of weapons, lunging forward and barraging the enemy with all he’s got. Weapons used vary depending on Frank’s current level. Has high invulnerability and is a cinematic hyper.
Face Crusher*** (level 1)
Frank grabs one of his good old Servbot hats and jumps up and towards airborne enemies, grabbing them and forcing the hat on their heads, then using Giant Swing on them. He turns and slams their head into the ground after a short time. Has high invulnerability and is a cinematic hyper.[/details]

Willamette Parkview Mall Help Center: The Frank West Q&A Thread (Ask questions here!)

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Great reveal,keep this shit updated breh



Editing a bit more.


I’m liking the snapshot mechanic. Looks really interesting!

Also, glad to see Guy got this. He’s wanted it for like… forever.


No Megabuster, no Problem.

Hoping he has a ass ton of health personally.


Same here, we need more high health characters. Overall he looks very interesting, hopefully the vomiting mechanic is something that is controlled(i.e. we know when he is gonna vomit) and not just random like it looked in seths walkthrough. Other than that he looks like a lot of fun, Im definitely impressed. Plus he has 3 level 1’s, thats always interesting.


So on my own break down. He has now a level up system that you get taking photos.

Level 1 - 3 = Normal TvC attacks different damage, also you have access to the different hypers he has.
Level 4 = Get’s in serious bussiness mode and starts to use all the fusion weapons in his combos and deals megatons of damage, also chip.


I noticed he didn’t preview the zombie attacks, but i did see them in the trailer.


The zombies are much faster than their TVC counter-parts. I wish Seth would go into more detail regarding the power up, because I want to see if drinking lasts for an amount of time before I can power myself up again, or if Frank vomiting is just random because… well if it’d the ladder, than that pretty much kills this character. Otherwise, I’m seeing fantastic keep away opportunities with that camera.


I am pleased be this, also note that his Servbot helmet hyper is a level 1 o.O he’s got a self-OTG…i like.


I guess I found my main. I think I like him even more than Wright, but I’ll still use both of them on the same team ALWAYS.


Look at his health bar when he levels up.That’s not a lot of recovery, but I’ll take it!




I think we can all agree this is FANTASTIC!


Submitted what I editted in for now (I had to wait for a YT video, this laptop SUCKS). Trying to figure out a nice layout.

And thanks Robo-Mitsu, but there was another guy that wanted it. I only made it because he seems to be absent right now and I didn’t want some foo to get it.


I love how they got the VA from Dead Rising for him :slight_smile:

Paddle-Saw looks amazing! I saw him do a Zero-like spinning air normal that did some nice chip.
I wonder if his Paddle-Saw Hyper still has Invincibility if you aren’t Level 4…
and the Servbot hyper is pretty much an Ultimate Web Throw-type of hyper, since Seth K. only landed it when Hulk was in the air, and I think its a grab. I hope he has some synergy with PW/Strider :smiley:


I miss negging comments i would hit this so hard.


Because Frank West got less risk involved? Oh well.


No because FW is awesome PW is a giant troll.
I guess i have to get used to being mega trolled by him anyways.


Aw man, does that mean I HAVE to use spoiler tags for images?