**I've discovered NEW TACTICS for Vega**


Sup SRK, and Vega fans/users! i think this is my first thread here :)… hopefully it’s found to be useful.

I ran this tactic by my boy StopbeingCHEEP on PSN (he’s a really good Vega user), and he suggested i make a thread about it… so here it is…

Ok, I’ve always wondered why it feels like FDC is pretty much useless for Vega in regards to attacking and stuff. like Ryu and fighters like him can use this to cause serious damage, as can Juri, and some others… but Vega? nope. [virtually] nothing. i mean, sure, it can be added on to the Rolling Crystal Flash, or done before it ends to get a quick grab on the opponent… or if you have the very high level of precision necessary for it you can FDC on the last strike of RCF and link a Cr. LP to continue a combo… (this is, in my experience VERY difficult to pull off even in practice)… but let’s face it, this doesn’t get used in most matches simply because of the absolutely ridiculous level of precision and timing needed to do it properly, with receiving a shouryuken in the middle of you attempt (assuming you’re fighting a “shoto” style character).

Tatic 1
well I’ve discovered a usage for FDC while in training vs Vega (this is very important to note, as this tactic DOES NOT work for every opponent, and is still being tested out)… to get to the point, you use:
Cosmic Heel (CH), then you HK -> FDC (let the first hit connect and then FDC forward)… this will put you BEHIND the opponent. i believe this technique is called a “reset” but I’m not sure, as my lingo may be off.

from there a lot of possibilities open up…

  1. grab
  2. Cr. MK, Cr. MP, EX FBA
  3. Cr. LP, Cr. MP, EX FBA
  4. St. HP, Cr. MP, EX FBA
  5. tick throw
    and more…

it’s important to note that this particular technique DOES NOT work while the opponent is in a corner. however, something else is available here.
Tactic 2
CH, Cr. LP, NORMAL dash forward…
*this will put you behind them and in the corner, and leave you with the same options mentioned earlier.

this works on most characters it’s been tested on so far.

Tactic 3
on some people, so far Sagat and Balrog, you can do the “tactic 2” i mentioned (the corner one) even while not in the corner, making it even easier to tear them up.

sorry, I’m not as detailed as other threads OP have been. there’s still a lot of testing that needs to be done on this.

so far, off my memory from earlier today
Ryu & Ken - (T1) it can work, but the spacing is kinda strict, and the timing of the FDC is stricter too. (T2) works fine if i remember correctly.
Blanka - (T1) doesn’t work :mad: i don’t remember about (T2) but i doubt it…

*Grrr… sorry, I’ll have to edit and add more to this later or another time. i still have testing to do on this (maybe I’ll take notes on it for everyone). I’m currently getting a little overwhelmed by all the things I’m trying to remember off the top of my head.

I’d like at least the first two post spots to be **reserved **to fill in info that will come later, especially since i plan for that into to be much better organized and easier to read and understand… so please don’t take them away mods.

also… sorry… i don’t have any videos of it posted yet or anything.

Please try this out and send feedback, so i can add to the information I’ve gathered, and so I may get people’s thoughts on this.

1st Reserved for future information to be added…

2nd Reserved for future information to be added…

Already known information and considered noneffective by most. ST is go to option always, after CH.

Well Shadow after reading the following thread, http://shoryuken.com/f264/cosmic-heel-reset-max-damage-237055/, and taking everyone’s opinion about resets into consideration, IMO It shouldn’t hurt to toss it into the mixup… however, max damage seems like the best option.

Sorry brother, I thought u may have been on to something here. I should’ve done my research first before advising u to start a new thread about it =\

All in all, I’m gonna keep messing with this technique. The more tricks I have up my sleeve the better :smiley:

Agreed. CH > ST is the best option to go for. Why go for a mix-up that may or may not work when you could just go for the guaranteed damage and guaranteed knockdown?

With that said, thank you Shadow for trying to contribute to the community. :slight_smile:

You know. For the most part what Jozhear says is true.

  1. However after a stun combo, maybe a reset like that can be useful.

  2. Or if you use the reset and then the second time you do it do the cross over BHC thing it could set it up.

Other than those two situations, I probably would not use it.

CH is always followed by ST, no exceptions. Vega doesnt have any super ambiguous resets. His dash is too “meh” to set up any. I dont even think its really worth it even if you sniff out a possible stun. I mean, realistically, Vega isnt landing any pre-stun combos that would make any of his post-stun combos suffer from extreme scaling.

I would only use a reset if im really feeling myself. The advantages off a ST are just too good to pass up.


word. doing this is like going for the super.

Intresting it is a the kind of data that can always lead into neat discoveries, but at the moment I am not too fond of techniques that lose to reversal SRK mashing into ultra. Even most of the stuff I saw in godsgarden 2.5 doesn’t work at my level.

People mash srk because they think they can score rounds because vegas miss their link and try mixups and that we want to keep momentum on wakeup.

And people are right, vegas my level miss links, take high risks for setting mix ups and try too hard keep their momentum for they are afraid to lose it and be forced I to playing their less that stellar defense game.

Arai rape a ken in the tournament second round by mindfucking him into the fear of whiffing a wakeup srk and being comboed, but in fact arai went all out offense on every of his wake up for the whole match, the other guy still kept on being conservative and never tryed a risky wake up reversal srk, he 'd have won hands down by sacrificing a little health to show arai wakeup srk has to be taken into account and he had to be carefull with his wake up game. he could have used that to train arai and trap him with a wake up ultra but he never did.

i don’t know about wasting 2 perfectly useful bars for a very weak reset.