I've got a choice of a free Hori EX2 or an SFAC Stick, what's the better option?

The thread title pretty much says it all - a friend of mine is offering to give me either an SF:AC stick or a Hori Fighting Stick EX2. Now I don’t really hear much good about either, but this will be my very first stick and as I don’t know jack shit about modding or soldering, nor do I really have the time to mod one myself, I’m looking for opinions on which is the better choice.

I was at first going to choose the EX2 as I’d like to try using a Japanese ball top stick (I’m not very good with a stick period so it doesn’t matter whether it’s a bat or ball in the end, though), and because I don’t like the convex buttons the SF:AC stick. The problem is, I frequently hear of problems with the EX2’s buttons dying due to bad microswitches or something like that.

So, I’ve come to you guys. Which of these is the lesser of two evils? The platform doesn’t really matter, though I’ll admit I went for the EX2 first since I didn’t really have any good controller options for a fighter on the 360 whereas I’m comfortable with a PS2 pad. And of course price doesn’t matter since both are free.

Get both and give me the EX2 :bgrin: Wish I had friends that gave me free stuff.

Get the SFAC. It’s really easy to mod and there is a good tutorial on how to mod it. Plus it has a really good resell value, so worst case scenario you can sell it and buy something better.

true words, and it cost more money. :bgrin::tup: