I've got a Problem with SF4 :(


Whenever im on the fighter selet sceen i sometimes get a fatal error messege :frowning:
and in the in game screen sometimes crashes or locks up. all i can do is to close the game and go back to windows. dose anyone know whats cuseing it??


If you want tech help with a PC issue, you’re going to have to tell us about your PC.


ok i’ve got 3 gb of ram and i’ve got core 2 due 2.66 GHZ +2 that makes 6 GHZ and a GEforce card with 1000mb on it with windows Vista


i’ve just upgrated my PC with a new CPU named Core 2 Due. I used to have a Pentium 4 3.20 GHZ. I diden’t have any problems with SF4 with that.


can you tell us exactly what the error message says?


without any super specific info - you first could try going to NVidia and downloading their latest reference drivers to see if this solves your issue. Just for giggles, you could try reseating all of your hardware on your motherboard, but that’s most likely not the issue.

did you do a completely clean install of windows after you upgraded hardware, or did you only replace the CPU? If you just replaced the CPU on the same motherboard, you could also check your motherboard manufacturer to see if there are any BIOS updates.

i’d try updated graphics drivers first, as it is the easiest.


ok The error messege says An unhandled error Occurred. (-1)

  • Get the latest video drivers for your video card.

  • Make sure no other programs are running in the background. Did you recently install something just before the problem started? That may have caused it.

Run MSCONFIG (START > RUN > type: “MSCONFIG”) and on the “Start-up” tab, uncheck everything. All that junk starts up with your system and can cause problems if they are incompatible in any way with the software you’re trying to run. You don’t need all of it, but some of them may be important like virus protection programs and what not. Just uncheck them all, click “OK” and you’ll have to reboot your system.

reboot and see if the problem re-occurs. If it does, then it’s probably something else (hardware, perhaps). If it works, then you can either live without those programs loading at startup, or If there is something that you need loading through MSCONFIG, then I suggest that you add them back-one-by one and check to see if any of them cause the problem before going on to the next.

If you can eliminate the program that is loading and causing the problem then you’re all set. just make sure it doesn’t load anymore, or you can contact the software provider and urge them to fix the incompatibility.


ok thx alot!


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