I've got some questions, and need some answers

Hello, everyone.
I just (for no real reason) decided to start playing SSF competitively (it’ll be here Tuesday), I have never actually played SF, so it was just an odd impulse (and it should pay off!)

so, as always with a competitive game, I’ve been lurking for hours. I used to play smash bros. (melee, then brawl+, then melee) and decided to switch to street fighter for a larger player base (brawl+ isn’t to big atm, and melee is still alive in some areas, but not mine), so I have a few questions.

How dependent on the tier list is this game?
Smash bros. was fairly based on it (mainly brawl (metaknight)), and I notice a lot of people play Sagat, but I also have noticed people playing lower tier characters.

Is there an official tier list?
I haven’t found one from recently.

Is there a compilation of changes to the cast in SSF?

Is there a match-up chart, or do I just read the character specific boards?

How big is the scene in the Dallas/Fort Worth area?

Do most tournaments use arcade machines, or home consoles? I’m assuming it’s just a mix.

Is there a place to view all moves for a certain character?


– Puppets.

  1. In SF4, tiers were pretty compressed. Though you did see more of the high tier characters winning tournaments, most of the cast was pretty viable. It seems like super will probably be similar.

  2. Don’t worry about it. The tier list is going to change a lot with the release of super. It’s going to be debated pretty hotly for the next 6 months or so.

  3. I haven’t seen one. You can read up on the changes in the class specific forums.

  4. Match up charts and tier lists are often one in the same in SF games, though not always I guess. High tier means more advantaged matches than disadvantaged ones. Same answer here, no one really knows what the match ups are all like in super yet.

  5. Check regional match making

  6. US tournaments are generally console, Asian tournaments are generally arcade.

  7. The srk wiki, or in game, pause it and use the move guide.

I wonder if people play mario kart with the items turned off then go to gran turismo forums and say they are competative race game players.


I see what you did there.