I've had enough!

I had enough of playing the cpu in sfa3 and played on kaillera for the first time today.

Had great fun and the people I played where very patient. However I got totally whipped consistently using X-ism Dhalsim and my opponents told me he’s not ideal to start learning with as his zoning and range is quite advanced

Wanted to find out peoples’ opinions on who is a good character to start learning with, whos got some straightforward counters and combos. Also avoiding ryu/ken/akuma as it seems everyone plays them…



X-Rolento’s pretty effective… If only my converter didn’t lag like fuck I could probably give some better reccomendations.

To learn the game (or to understand the game engine) play A-Ryu, or A-Chun-Li.

They have normal jumps, unlike X-Rolento or all Dhalsim.
They have easy cross up games, unlike X-Rolento or all Dhalsim.
They have good air priority, that leads to counterhits and let you have your first juggles. (dhalsim and X-Rolento don’t air juggle after a jump too much.)
They have good ground supers that juggle you opponent after he did a flip.

Not this is not a X-Dhalsim/X-Rolento diss. They’re good too. But not the best to learn the engine. To learn the engine Karin and Cody also would be better, but are not that simple like A-Ryu or A-Chun-Li.

Just my thoughts, nothing special! :slight_smile:

bleh, nothing is uber easier to use in a3 than x-chun, shes hella good, even in the hands of a scrub…

^^ I agree with post above.

What’s your name on kaillera

Thanks for all the suggestions, I’ve been playing X-Chun a lot and its going ok. She is solid in the air and once the opponents down got some great mix up between a sweep, a throw, or :df: :hk: which hits over the top of them.

Still lots to learn, having trouble consistantly connecting the :lk: crossup, :hp:. Seem to be hit out of it very easily.

Anyways I’m henr1 on kaillera and play the UK Reps server- cya there! :smile:


I agree on that one, if he get’s better he can switch to A-ISM or learn Sim in deep. Alone this j.SK, s.JP, s./c.FP, far s.RH are to good from Chunni. I really dislike her cross up and poke game … It can be learned in a few days without probs. The super is also great in X damage and invicibility wise … -_-