I've hit an embarassing plateau in SSF4

I just don’t feel like I’m getting any better. I get handled by scrubby bullshit online, and I’m still not for shit at breaking throws. Every match just gets me angry.

How should I get over this slump and start enjoying the game again?

online is stupid… play offline.

Teching throws is a lot easier offline than online. Online, you might as well mash a reversal when they go for a throw.
Play a new character and have fun with it. Like Dan :smiley:
What kind of tactics are beating you?

I think that everyone reaches plateaus every once in a while. It’s inevitable. In the long winded quest of “improving” our game. Sometimes it’s the little things that matter. Watch replays of yourself playing (easy enough to do in Super Street Fighter IV). Look for patterns in the way you play, even something as blunt as what you are consistently falling for. Come up with a solution, try it out and see how it goes from there.

In the end you just have to stay with it, and one day (as far as it may seem sometimes) something will dawn at you and completely push you over your plateau. You just have keep actively seeking the answer and be open to new ideas and tactics.

As for mashing reversal looking for a throw. I frown upon this. I’d try double tapping your techs or setting a computer to record and making it do random setups into throw and trying to tech them. Practice makes perfect.

I play charge characters typically, so, mashing reversals out is kind of a no-go. (isn’t it)?
And yeah, playing Dan is fun. I mess around with Dhalsim and Hakan, too, and usually have a good time with it.
I main Dee Jay, but I’ve been playing E. Honda lately, and I’m getting boned by jump-ins. I try to get lp headbutts out to anti-air and I’m getting murdered. In fact, I’m getting murdered by mashed shoryus on everything I try with Honda. Even with Dee Jay, a character I feel pretty comfortable with, I’m getting handled by almost everyone and falling for stupid shit. I’m having a hard time being patient and I always feel like I have to beat my opponent as fast as possible–but even though I’m aware of this fault, I can’t get myself to calm down. Ugh. God damn Street Fighter.

I’m just feeling like the character I main (Dee Jay) is terribly limited and I can’t find any innovative successes in my game. But I know how untrue that is; every character in the game has a vast amount of potential. I just wish I could find some for myself. :frowning:

I feel your agitation. TBH…there were plenty of times in vanilla SF IV that that happened to me. Hell, there are times when I loose my cool to this day but all that does is mess you up more. If you know that frustration is messing with your game than you are going to need to work on the psychological before going any further. I figure that for me, I am going to need to practice my combos in order to get a natural flow into inputing the commands. Also, addressing the things that I fall for is something that I need to work on as well now that I have read RXS reply. Lastly, as Keits said on the Shoryuken Podcast two weeks ago if I recall right, you have to do more than just practice in practice mode…you have to do your research here on the forums. That is all I have for ya bud. Hope it works.

What about if you started to buffer instead of fully charging? Cause then this would give you the ability of movement and you would be able to answer those grabs :slight_smile:

Yea dude same thing has been happening to me. But its more that ive lost some interest in the game. This happens to me alot actually. I usually just either try a new character for a few weeks. but uve done that. Try taking a couple days off and instead of playing just watch videos and go into training mode. or just take a mental street fighter break. =)

Taking some time off is a good idea, just a couple days, or maybe even a week if you play it often. I’m a bit noobish but i havn’t played in about 3 weeks, and came back today and yesterday and started picking up some new stuff and understanding some new techniques. My execution is still atrocious though. Wanting to play is an important part of getting better at it in my opinion.

One thing that has helped me lose less to randomness is to figure out how to use normals. Here’s an example:

As Guile I would Flash Kick on AA and it would sometimes out lose out to j. hk > sweep.

Since then I have learned when to use cr. HP and when to use Flash Kick. I no longer lose to random Ken’s and Ryu’s who just keep jumping in. I’m also starting to beat lesser players with Akuma much more consistently. My advice is just concentrate hard when you play and adopt a very patient style. It has worked pretty well for me so far.

you have to be patient. you can win two ways in sf4. one is by holding down back, wait for the opponent to make mistakes and punish. the other is to use normals on the ground and/or fireballs to pressure the opponent to jump so you can anti-air them. both ways require patience.

You know what helped me to losen up I would almost play auto pilot un til I needed to concentrate if they overcome my initial plan. Concentrating too much can make you miss the obvious Id always lose the ability to AA against jump happy opponents because im concentrating too much. Playing auto pilot shows me what seems to be working at the time so I can get a feel of what my opponent can and cant do. watch replays also work on your combos and taking breaks let you come back fresh with new ideas.

Thanks for all the great advice, SRK :tup:. I’m thinking about taking a break from SSF4, but…can I take a break from SSF4???

play demon’s soul.

We all start out by losing alot, Don’t feel like you’re the only one. For some advice to you on what’s giving you trouble. Maybe i can give some help. I used to main honda and i know what you mean about not being able to mash your reversals, but Honda has GREAT reversals if he has EX meter. His best reversal is the EX torpedo. The key is to input the move a little bit before honda gets up. BC if you’re a tad late, you’ll get hit with the apponents strike (as i’m sure you’ve learned the hard way). Honda’s orochi throw is a great wake up move as well, but not quite as good as EX torpedo bc ex torpedo will hit a grounded or jumping apponent and interrupt pretty much anything their doing. As for your anti air trouble…ex torpedo is also honda’s best for that too! lp torpedo is decent, but as you’ve discovered, the timing is strict and even then it may trade hits. But until your anti air skills are solid, get comfortable with just blocking and doing general defense. Keep at it. Honda’s top tier. You’ll be winning in no time.

The true Street Fighter starts here.

As RXS said, it is inevitable, and all of us are going to be in that position one time or another. Try going to training mode, and test your reflexes against moves that you have the most trouble with. Eventually, you’ll figure out a way to counter those moves. Your frustration can really hamper how you play, and it can cost you matches. In this kind of scenario, try to maintain your emotions, and concentrate on the match. If you feel you are getting too stressed by how you, or other players play, then taking a temporary break might be a good investment.

If you start to get frustrated then the best thing to do is to just take a break and wait till you cool down. Also playing online isn’t all bad but finding a ssf4 community that runs games in your area is one of the best things I’ve recently done. I’ve made some good friends from the sessions and you can learn alot from each other.

Personally I think you should just stop playing to win and just play to have fun. Just mess around with your character and try new things. Just try to take your mind out of the competitive attitude. A lot of the times I play SSF4 with an attitude of relaxation I win a lot more than when I’m trying to do mad combos and mixups. And if you’re winning, then that’s a nice self-esteem boost.