I've hit an embarassing plateau in SSF4

That’s one of the most simple yet cool videos I’ve seen in a while, thanks for this one! I need to try that out.

I would escape to the secluded mountains of Kanto and hone my skills upon a secluded mountaintop. I would learn to hold a pen as I do a joystick. I would hold my eating utensils as I hold a joystick. My hand would become one with the joystick. Then, one day, I would challenge the elite four: Daigo, JWong, Art, and some other guy.

This topic was serious. Right?

I have also hit a plateau, that i would say has been a very long time now (since vanilla). So long that im starting to lose interest in the game. I have taken breaks from it only to come back to the game and get even more frustrated due to the fact that its seems that i have lost some of my execution/gameplay strategies. Everyone says to simply play better people, which i play some really good players online from time to time. Problem is i dont see how this helps, its almost like teaching programming to someone by having them watch you. They punish/stuff my offense then im at a loss. Then im forced to be extremely defensive which leaves me at only be able to punish if any, few and far between mistakes.

It helps because then you’ll know what works and what doesn’t, how to block and how not to block,etc. Playing crappy people is going to do nothing but frustrate even more when you lose because you lost to some dumb shit that you shouldn’t have been hit with, then you’ll question whether or not you’re actually getting better, which leads to threads like this.

know when to put the controller down when you get pissed at the BS that happens online. im still workin on that one lol