I've Made a fighting stick for PS3/PS2

So yea i was self taut but after a few months I have crafted an awesome stick tell me what you guys think.

heres the link to its profile on joystickvault.

Wrong forum but, sweet!!

Thanks but where should i put this post?


That’s called an “arcade stick”, due to it being a stand-alone replica of what you kids might have found in what us old-timers call “video arcades” a couple years before you were born. A fighting stick is made out of rattan, and is used to deliver a beating unmercifully…I’ve got a couple, so stay off my lawn, ya sassy whippersnappers!!

There’s a thread in the Tech Talk specifically for posting custom stick photos. Something like “I love my customs stick blah blah”. Nice work.

lolz yes it Is called an arcade stick thats very true but i’m no youngin. I’m a huge arcade gamer and i have been for over 20 years.

looks good.