Iwaku Layout Contest


Okay, name says it all. This is a contest to see who can create the best layouts for the site.

You will have until the end of the month to design a layout for the site. You must post a screenshot of the layout for it to qualify.

Maximum of three entries per person.

If you have the images and do not have a proboards site to use in order to take a screenshot, send me the images and I will take a screenshot for you. If you do this, you must send a minimum of a banner and a background with a general color layout.

All users, excluding myself, may enter. Only those with an active account may enter though.

At the beginning of the new month (August) a new thread will be created with a listing of all the entries. They will be voted upon to decide who the winners will be. Those that receive the most votes will be added to the listings, and their designers will receive a minor amount of karma and the honor of having their layout added to the site. The top three designers will gain a new title and some more karma.