Izuna Drop counters

Sad to say, but I have trouble countering this move. I mainly use Balrog and Adon. I know the Barcelona Dive (off the wall dive) can be interrupted with certain air-to-air normals. The problem I have is that sometimes a Vega use the BD slash follow-up, which I can FADC and punish, then sometimes they will land many Izuna drops in a row, which I am not sure how to counter (especially on wake up).

What do I do against this? Ah man I’m a noob. Also, with Vega’s super, does that have the exact same properties as Izuna drop? As far as training mode goes, it can be interrupted and avoided the same way. The Vega players I’ve played all landed the super version of Izuna drop on me… is it fairly easy the land this?

DP. I mean really that’s all you have to do.

Can’t you just use Turn Around Punch?

Ok. 1. With DP, both Adon and Balrog have angled dps (not much invulverability too unless EX), so it may avoid the drop but may leave me open to be punished.
2. TAP also has to be timed correctly, can still be hit if done at wrong time.

Is there no sure way of avoiding and punishing?

with DP you have about 1 frame to time it correctly. TAP works better.

it is all about timing, believe me it is either to time a counter to vega ID than to time the ID itself, every good vega player invested countless hours of play into their Izuna drops, and we still miss them as soon as there is the slightest of lag orenemy’s hurbox moves in an unexpected way.

80% of air to air moves beat all wall dive options flat, 50% of ground uppercuts beat all wall dive options flat, 100% of invincible moves beat all wall dive options flat, 100% of dodge moves negelect all wall dive options, 100% of dashes in the game put you out of harm’s way, blocking works 20% of the time,100% of slides/fast forward moves put you out of arms way.

that is if they are timed properly, good vega player know how to punish a truckload of apparent “good counter” especially if they are not timed very accuratelly, of if the guy get predictable. all you have to do is work on 3 or 4 good counters for your character in the list above and don’t be predictable about how you proceed.

for example sakura cr.HP is very effective gainst all wall dives, but if i know the guy uses it i can hit him with 80% accuracy, but i practically cannot grab him, if one time he doesn’t cr.HP but focus instead i land right into his trap and i get focus crumpled and he scores a 600 on me. if he always uses focus I will always grab him.

You need to work on your tools, there are easy counters to ID but they will only lead you so far.

oh yeah… well teleport beats ID EVERY TIME so HA!

i like what i said more… much simpler

Vega’s Super has a much wider grab range than ID, but like ID he can be easily hit out of it. If your timing is good you can back dash out from under Vega as he hovers right above your head, and he wont be able to grab or hit you. (ID not Super combo)
Balrog’s jump back HK always hits me out of ID.

try with adon’s walldive, or his dp assuming they are doing it when you are knocked down or else nj or bj into any move really
with balrog tap or lp.heabutt work best or else nj.hp/hk