J.back to avoid trow

I have this deeply registered habit of jumping back all the time when I am around 90 percent sure my oponent is trying to grab me. Like for exemple sometimes you just know when they are trying to setup for a grab like after a j.hk or after a short or something like that and evrytime i feel this i always jump backwards with a hk . It works since I do succeed in avoiding the grab but there might be a better option, my philosophy is more of defending to attack and jumping back doesnt really help.

what do you yall do when you are expecting a grab.? I tought about dashing back and see from there and might have more offensive options from there that sounds like a good idea but that jumping back thing is in my muscle memory.

you can tech the throw…if you know its coming why take the risk of jumping back…a tech will leave you relatively safe and dashing back wont work in places like the corner or against characters with long range normals to poke you with…just my 2 cents

I agree, just tech that shit so you can keep the pressure on.

Learn to tech throws. That’ll probably be most important. If you think they’re gonna throw you…throw them back. Sometimes if people are right next to you on the wake up they’ll take a split second before throwing you as to be careful of a poke or SRK or a jumping attack. You can surprise throw them and if you happen to throw at the same time you’ll get a tech.

If you are in the corner don’t jump back and HK…you will die. If you must jump back and HK in the corner make sure you don’t do the HK until you’re almost done falling form the air. Otherwise you can no longer parry and you’ll be punished badly for whiffing an air attack. You’re better off jumping forward or jumping straight up and parrying so that you can minimize the chances of you taking damage from an attack should they not throw.

If they’re far enough away from you (like Chun Li looking for a kara throw) you can use UOH to make you airborne and hit them from a distance. If you hit them at the right angle you could even combo into super. Kinda risky though cuz if they’re not far enough away when you start you’ll get thrown or supered for free. Also good for countering people throwing pokes from a distance on the wake up.

Helps also if you know a move that is real quick on the wake up. Like if the opponent is right next to you and they don’t throw immediately on wake up you could use a close s.MP to beat out their throw or attack attempt. Which you could then buffer into an EX uppercut if you think they may parry the s.MP. It’s a quick move so as long as they don’t parry or throw you first it’s a good way to stop an attempted throw. Risky again…but it’s better than being in the corner all day.

Down + LP + LK option select to avoid the risk of throw whiff

– yea I tech trow all the time, the thing is i happen to jump back when i feel pressured, especially after a Jump hk on me or something like that or after a series of beeing pressured by shorts or weak attacks, sometimes you just feel that grab coming in next and thats when my muscle memory kicks in and i jump back, it works most of the time but im in no treat jumping back thats the disadvantage. I only see high level players jumping back hk when their oponent is wakeing up, never when they are on the defensive.

I should start by at least jumping straight like you said, from there I have alot of options, staright jump attack, straight jump parrying and if no parry go mid or low or trow.

oh yea I should maybe also start doing cr.mp and hitconfirm into super, problem is i hate when these high level players parry my defensive attacks

jumping is ok sometimes, you don’t want to corner yourself generally though, and against characters with good hit confirms (chun) you can get hurt pretty badly for trying to jump out of a tick.

one, you can crouch tech from downback, and two, it’s far from idiot proof (for a number of reasons).

if chun does like c.lk, walk up c.mk instead of kara throw, you will get hit. jumping, although unthrowable instantly, has quite a bit of startup to actually get off the ground. use w/caution.

there are generally more defensive options in 3s on a pure wakeup situation than any other game, use your knowledge of the characters to your advantage.

jumping back is fine, just make sure it’s when they’re not looking for the option select

yea thats why I should also do cr.mp, I kinda underuse this and its very dangerous, I will mostly tie out of it or hitconfirm.

what character are you?

Sean only

then why jump back? his throw is untechable.

you generally shouldn’t be jumping to avoid throws. You shouldnt really be putting yourself in a no-block position at any given time unless you’re actually gaining position for zoning or pressure. jumping back doesn’t give you any of that.

if you’re a character like chun li, for example, you should push lp+lk+hk as an option select.

you saying seans trow has more priority?

that’s exactly what he’s saying

:0 I didnt even know this about my own main.

Pink Sean’s supers are also unblockable.

The way ground throws work in 3s is that it’s actually based on your grounded legs, i’m pretty sure. Many characters have moves where you would have been thrown if you were just standing there but if you do these moves, they raise your front leg and basically change your throw-able position from your original placement to where your hind leg is.

I explained it totally weird. But it makes sense to me!

Examples of such moves are urien’s spread eagle HK, chun li s RH, makoto s RH, etc…

SEE?? THE HIND LEGS!!! I’m fucking brilliant.

Akuma’s f + mp karate chop is one of the more bizarre ones. If the timing is right, Akuma can be in his opponent’s face during the overhead’s startup and his opponent will wiff throw.

I tought you was playing round but now it makes sense…

i was being totally serious. I just don’t know how to word it right.

Unrelated note, anyone know why i can’t get the Fighting Stick 3 to work on my computer? I saw the SRK thread on it but it was of absolutely no use