J-BIC's "First Strike" SF4 & T6 Tourney Mar 27 @ Bethune Cookman in Daytona Beach FL

Hey there guys, some friends and I run a Videogaming & Anime Club at Bethune Cookman University in Daytona Beach. and we are throwing a SF4 & Tekken 6 tournament at our Student Center on March 27. Its a broke college kid tournament so the prize isn’t impressive, but for anyone from the Daytona Beach/Central Florida area that is interested in getting some good games in, come join us for some fun. You might find some new gamin buddies.

Here’s the info I posted on the bkin forums:
There will be Tekken 6 (PS3 Console) & Street Fighter 4 (360 Console)Tournament on Saturday March 27, 2010. It will be held at Bethune Cookman’s Center for Civic Engagement. The tournament will start at 4:25 pm. Where as registration will start as early as 3:45 pm.

1st place for each game gets guaranteed 30 dollars, 2nd Place guaranteed 10 dollars, 3rd place guaranteed 5 dollars. Entry Fee money will also go to the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd prize winners so the more people that show up, the more the winners will gain.

There will also be a TBA bonus round for the winner of each tournament.

Driving Directions:
For those that don’t know where the Civic Center is. Coming down International Speedway from the Volusia mall you want to head down past Nova Road, and continue down International until you pass Garden Street. The Entrance will be on the left before the Uhaul place at the corner of Lincoln and International Speedway. Where gonna be at the building at the far side of the parking lot.

If any of you in the area that are interested in joining up, please visit this link:
and post if you are interested in joining. This is where I will be updating the status of the tourney.

Btw, I remember my buddy Everyday Legend having a problem with his account being hacked, so just to let you guys know, If you start seeing Hsien_Jo posting alot and talking smack, that ain’t me I don’t talk smack, not my style and I barely post on SRK.

Hope to see some new faces there.

Bump, any central Florida residents up for some good games?

Could a Tatsunoko vs. Capcom tourney be a possibility?

I’ll check it out

You guys going to play HDR?