Well sup sup waaaaazUP My fellow Washington homies!!! Well shit, starting sept 8th my black ass will be an official Washington native. I just got a job up there working for ArenaNet (guild wars peeps) so going to be moving soon.

Wanted to let peeps know cause I need to knwo where you guys are playing at. ST, cvs2, tekken, SF4!!! I need to know!!! I hear tacoma already has SF4 so that is perfect. Julian Beasily has ST cab but do u guys have other spots you play ST as well? LET A BROTHA KNOW!!!

Anyway, I cant wait to get up there and start beating fools down, hope u guys can return the funk =)

Jason Cole
aim- Afrocole
cell (805) 907-1392

Let the Northwest Beasting BEGIN!!!

third strike?

3s all day EVERYDAY!!! Where u guys play 3s at? Actually, i left it out cause i didnt think peeps played 3s out here lol Necro , Urien and Ken all day =)


many washington players aren’t fans of 3s, but we play it a lot in pdx.

Wowzors, Seattle ST is gonna be ridiculous. Anyway, I’m Mandel, black dude that was using Chun at Julien’s. I’m sure now that you’re moving up here people are gonna wanna play ST a lot more. There was kind of a post Evo lull going on, but this is sure to excite people. Usually when tourneys are going on, people meet up like 2x times a week to play. As far as the other games…

There’s been a couple of people playing CvS2 at Zach’s the past couple times. Tekken’s basically dead because T6 never came out up here. There are people that can play Tekken but they don’t meet up very often at all. Last I checked there’s 3S competition at GW, but I’m not so sure about it now because I’ve heard the 3S cabinet there has had issues =/.

Welcome to the Northwest. If GameWorks has their 3S cab working, I definately have to go up there and play some matches with you. Hope you enjoy WA. Its hella colder compared to CA lol.

Hey Jason,

Sorry I didn’t get to meet up with you at Julien’s. I left before you got there.

I’m Brent. I mostly play Marvel, but I’ve actually been playing more ST lately. O.o Keith (Doughboy) has some semi-regular gathering at his house for ST that are always fun. Julien holds semi regular gatherings also and Nate (XTG) holds ST sessions too, although they have been somewhat replaced by the his love of KOF 98 recently. Julien Blake (Airthrow) also holds sessions every now and again. That actually sounds like a lot when you think about it.

If you can get Friday nights off, Preppy holds his bi-monthly Marvel nights and there is a regular ST tournament that we hold there every time, and the 4th season is starting this Friday (presumably).

Welcome to the Northwest.

Speaking of season four, we should honestly wait until Jason gets here before we start season four ST. What do you guys think?

Agreed. Cole should get a fair shake at getting the maximum points possible!

OH YES! this is EXACTLY what I wanted to hear, you guys are playing like fiends. THANK GOD!! I was thinkin it was just a hand full of peeps that barely got together. Im STOKED!!! Ya , i have wheels and ill be gettin out to every point for ST or whatever is hot. Im down with that Kof 98 Ultimate too. Good shit!! =)

You guys just made my night hehe, gonna be good times up there. ll whip u all into shape for ST , get ready for that HD Remix. Hopefully Tatsunoko vs capcom wll be out soon as well.


<-- me happy!

I guess Portland’s gonna have to make a trip up to Seattle soon.

As much as I agree, I wouldn’t mind getting a head start. :rofl: Handi-cap please.

I still think we should have a tourney this Friday. We can make it non-season. I’ll even run it if needed. But yeah, we can wait till Cole gets here.

I have a torrid love affair with ST and KOF 98 UM.

Nice, you guys got a regular ST season going on. That is dope. I was tryin to do that down in la, but tryin to get anyone to drive anywhere in la is like pulling teeth. Plus since most elite ST guys are down there, we are all lazy and stubborn and alwsays want everyone to come to us =).

So im glad you guys have a spot already and are dedicated to keep it going. Who won last season?


Jason Cole? Never heard of him.

I think he was in my pool at EVO, but he’s lucky he didn’t have to play me!


Welcome to the NW, Cole!

LOL sup Rayblade!!! Damn, finally in your area and can practice with you foo!!! Its gonna be good times for sure my brotha!!!


I did! :woot::woot:

OH SNAP!! Good shit Mandel hehe, i got some shit to show you with that chun of yours. Get your chun to top tier status in no time foo for sure.


ok i should be scared