j.HK -> c.MK >> s.LP>> H Blanka Ball XX Super Combo



Anyone else missing the super part of the combo like 25% of the time(super comes out, looks like it will hit but misses)?
Is this combo character specific? or should i use different punch(l/m/h) for different char? I usually use HP.

does anyone KNOW how to get it 100% of the time?
I know some of you might think it is spacing, but it doesnt make sense cuz when u do H blanka ball -> cancel you are up close.


so because noone answered your question in the combo thread within 10 minutes you decided to spam the forum and create a fucking stupid thread. well done.


Off the top of my head, I’m pretty sure the s. lp makes that combo do less damage due to damage scaling so I don’t even know why you would even throw that in (unless you need that long to hit confirm, in which case you should probably play a different character, or a MMORPG).

And that combo probably is character specific, as what should be his bnb combo (j. hk or mk -> c. mk -> s. lp -> hp elec) is character specific.


the combo he asks about isn’t char specific.


That is just an example of the combo. Samething(super missing) could happen even if you just do the ground combo without the j hk, or after FA cripple dash combo. Its not the matter of confirming or not, its the extra time you have for charging blanka ball. Are you telling me you always confirm c.mk -> ball 100% of the time without using light punch? By confirm, I mean you do blanka ball only when you KNOW the c.mk hits. So against someone with an ultra to punish a blocked ball (ie akuma) you would still choose to do that? or would you add an light punch just to make sure? If you honously say yes then :clapdos:, if not maybe you should consider MMORPG too.


so my question was, why does the super miss 25% of the time for me? you answer is greatly appreciated.


Go to training mode -> record yourself successfully do the combo. Play it back on the various characters. If it works on everyone, then it is your execution. If not, it is character specific.


i’ll answer your question if you apologise and promise never to create another dumb thread.


if you wanna be a thread police then go ahead. all im gonna say is that I did not purposely make a double post. as you can see im pretty new to the forum.
So is this what the blanka community is like? so hard to just get an answer from pros with experience? to be honous I dont think this is a dumb thread compare to those already posted. I dont have a console to test this out as i mainly play in the arcade. Otherwise i guess testing it on machines are more realiable then asking a human to get a simple answer sometimes. quite ironic.
I repeat I did not double post on purpose, for those of you who are friendly and know the answer, please :lovin:.


If the opponent is crouching use lp super because HP will miss.