J.I. 3/20/04


Glad most of you all showed up. It was pretty cool having us all play. Anyway, here are the results.

Team 1 (Alan/Alvin/Jeff) vs. Team 2 (Joel/Brandon/Jason)

First round, Joel defeated Alan and lost to Alvin. Then Alvin, defeated Brandon and lost to Jason. Jason takes home the win and defeats both Alvin and Jeff.

Second round, Jeff started out first and took his whole team home by defeating all of Team 2. Ended up in a tie.

Major props to Alan who barely plays Marvel managing to start Captain Commando against Joel and beating him one of the two matches they played. It came pretty close towards the end.

I definitely have to learn CvS2. Hope to see you all Saturday. Peace.


jax is all up in mvc2 now…:eek: