J/K/H/C Drama Thread 2.0


Too lazy to go back to find the old thread. Started watching 1 litre of tears, and rewatching Konna Koi No Hanashi. Not holding up so well in the keeping my emotions in check aspect of watching these dramas.

Any others to suggest or to just flat out send me? :lol:


The First Shop of Coffee Prince
Full House
You Are Beautiful
Nobuta Wa Produce
Honey and Clover
Hana Kimi
Meteor Garden
Boys Over Flowers
Great Teacher Onizuka
Gokusen Season 2, or 3, I dont remember which I liked best.

I like way more but they don’t come to mind atm.


i thought the title was meant for starting drama hahahahahaha i saw the j and the k and was like me and kriangkrai hahahaha. oh well, WWF/E has some good drama as well.

samurai high school - action/comedy/romance. a guy gets randomly taken over by his ancestor thats a samurai
atashinichi no danshi - horikita maki aka mor moua gets her 500000000000000000$ debt cleared but has to take care of the guys 7 sons
innocent love - another horikita maki one. saaaaaaaaaad story
smile - jun matsumoto (domyouji from hana yori dango) is a half filipino half japanese guy who gets into some bad shit that wasnt his fault and fucked up shit happnened. pretty sad too
tokyo dogs - action comedy with shun oguri (sanou in hana kimi and rui from hana yori dango) and nanba from hana yori. theyre cops.


Hana Kimi, Boys over Flowers, and Meteor Garden, are all the shit literally everyone of my female asian friends are going apeshit over, and I guess they ok but sorta cookie cutter/ the naruto of bleach of dramas. I personally loved Honey and Clover. I googled saddest asian drama’s the other day, and came up with 1 litre of tears, is that shit good?


I used to have the whole collection of Honey and Clover. Or at least like a whole first season. Only watched 3 episodes maybe. Maybe I saved myself the time if it’s a drama. Not really a fan but even with that it seemed like a good anime.


Deezo Approved List

Nodame Cantabile
Hana Kimi
Nobuta Wa Produce
Proposal Daisakusen
Tokyo Dogs (currently watching this one)
Last Friends (effed up)
Buzzer Beat

Still need to check out Atashinchi No Danshi and Innocent Love. Yes, I am a sucker for Horikita Maki, there I said it! >=[


1 litre is good if you like crying.

There’s a lot of random dramas out but 1 litre of Tears is the only one that got me emotional. If you like that kind of drama, check out Crying out love in the center of the world and/or last friends. Also I highly recommend checking out Love Exposure…its a jp movie, but one of the best movies I’ve ever watched…American, Asian or otherwise


You guys are so lame. :rofl:


hitotsu yane no shita
good mourning
Iron chef
Iron chef usa
gaki no tsukai batsu games
Hard gay
Dotchi cooking show


I have no idea what this thread is about.


cHitostu yane no shita had a dope op theme. 1 litre of tears is sad as fuck. Its all on YouTube, so is all of ftp. I liked gto anime better cuz it was closer to the manga. I’m running out of hard drive space cuz I dl in hd


Oh yea I forgot about Last Friends and Proposal Daisakusen, those are definitely good. FWIW though I prefer Korean dramas @.@




anyone have a copy of my sassy girl? all my friends in college watched and loved it and i never got around to it.


Not directly related to the original post, but does anyone have any recommendation of existential anime I might like. Currently I’ve enjoyed:

-Black Lagoon
-Welcome to the NHK
-Darker than Black
-Ghost in the Shell
-Code Geass
-Cowboy Bebop / Samurai Champloo
-Full Metal Panic


^ FLCL? I always feel crazy bizarre about my existence and purpose after watching that.

:lol: Holla.


Ask Donjay my dude. I’m pretty sure he owns it.


Try like Gundam Seed,Ruroni Kenshin,all the UC gundams,Death note,Requiem for the Phantom,Berserk,Claymore,Fist of the North star,To Aru Majutsu no Index,Hajime no Ippo,Valkyria Chronicles,Ga-Rei Zero,Shakugan no Shana.


1 litre had me depressed for like 2 weeks, but really made me more appreciative of my life. You should watch “Sekai no Chuushin de, Ai wo Sakebu” (Crying, in the center of the world) next. More sad shit. I’m sure everyone’s seen Densha Otoko!?


Come on boss, not all of us like to go out to the club anymore. We need to branch out and have other interests besides being weak as fuck in SFIV <3