J.MP Is it as good as ST?

I’ve been playing Sim in ST and I’ve abused sim’s J.MP to all unholy hell. I personally loved it. Is there a huge difference between ST/HDR’s Sim and SF4’s Sim?

Btw I’ve noticed that the sim board doesn’t have a real “Sim moveset” post describing the properties of each move. If I knew more I’d be inclined to help, but I’m still relatively new at SF4 and fighting games in general and I don’t want to input any scrubby advice.

It seems like you never played Sim in ST if you’re asking if he’s anywhere near as good in SF4… Don’t you notice he’s slower with worse hitboxes? He’s a good character and hard to play against. He’s just no where near as good as he is in ST. ST he is S tier.

I haven’t played in a while, I left my SF4 disc halfway across the US, and I was planning on picking him up as an alt. In the meantime I was playing HDR.

Edit: So I haven’t played Sim in SF4 other than in arcade mode.

Sim is fuking god in ST brah. FUcking GOD.


Dhalsim is awesome in IV and completely different from ST. Playing the game for any amount of time could’ve told you that, or maybe some youtube vids of Sim. Anyway, it takes a lot of practice to feel comfortable with him, but once you get it down he’s incredibly fun. Good luck.

Also, consider asking general questions in the Dhalsim General discussion thread.