J.Wong "tweets" about MvC3


Stole this from the MvC3 Facebook page, thought some people might be interested in seeing it. PLEASE don’t turn this thread into a sh*t storm. This is merely HIS opinion, and should be taken with a grain of salt, no matter his position as a top level player. I’m interested in hearing what people here think about his comments, but if this turns into a troll-fest with people bitching and moaning, it’s not worth it, so please don’t waste your time.



rules, read them

also, this is fucking old, and he’s actually tweeting about comming around to it today. How you thought this warranted a new thread is beyond me


Didn’t need a new topic for this.
It’s his opinion, who cares what someone thinks about what he thinks? He’s not even going that far into detail about his opinion to even discuss anything.



The internet is a race, good sir, and you lost. In fact you got lapped by my grandma. This is the fifth or so thread on this, and the fifth to get closed per the above comments.