J.Wong vs Daigo

Undoubtedly the most intense, insane and HYPE match of EVO 2009.

How did you guys feel about the match? Character choice? Technique? Mind games?

I have to say the one thing I learned from EVO was the reinforcement that “footsies” are VERY important.

Hopefully you guys think this thread might be a good idea since so many people are going to have something to say about the match.

Might be the best match I’ve ever seen at Evo period


Mah gawth dayum moind!

I was…impressed.

It seems switching to Boxer rattled Daigo at first, but like always he adjusted and won over in the end.

It’s interesting how Boxer is not that popular in Japan compared to the USA.

Did anyone else think that Daigo threw the match before the final game, throwing our too many focuses right after another? It seems to me that he really wanted it to go to the final game.

You know…I was so hype over EVO and I neglected my girlfriend for 2 and a half days but I’ll tell ya I was surprised that she actually sat with me and watched/asked questions about the Finals between Wong and Daigo. <3

I couldn’t believe my eyes when Wong brutally beat Daigo in some of those rounds.

Yeah, footsies haha…

Daigo on the constant focus for like a few 10 seconds tho, should’ve been using it a bit more in earlier rounds instead of doing 20 in 5 seconds. Maybe Justin should’ve chosen Balrog first too lol, he might’ve gotten somewhere, I was rooting for Daigo tho.

I didn’t see it live, but I just streamed it, and it was epic. Daigo looked really calm as always. But why was everyone rooting for Justing Wong? I thought he gets a lot of hate (well, at least here)?


it was just epic. lived up to the hype.

I have to agree with the footsies comment. While some people believe them not to be of importance and some even swear they don’t exist or are used, I feel that it can be a sort of insurance when in defense/poke mode.

I was wanting Daigo to win in order to keep his living legend/SF God status, but also wanted Wong to win just to see how things would be like over the course of the next year with him as the Major Number One Champ…He’s a bit cocky though and that got to me.

I enjoyed the Akuma matches a lot although I was a little bit on the sad side because half of me feels like Ed ma could’ve done a lot better against Wong, but wtvr.

I ordered my TE stick last week and ever since seeing the majority of players using one at EVO, it’s made me also want my stick to coome in the mail that much quicker. haha

I now can’t wait to play SF4 like crazy!!!
EVO is a confidence re-enforcer in that I am now pumped to play and learn some new things in order to get better.

Felt a bit staged, Daigo gave Justin a few bones and held back a bit.

Honestly. I think Wong really took daigo down a notch. It’s true that in the end Daigo won the match but I don’t think I’ve ever seen Justin play so well. These finals were way more intense than the full parry in 04. I have a feeling that Justin might have Daigo’s number finally and the next time the two of them go at it things might go differently than usual. I rooted for wong this time but next time I’m Betting on him.

considering how other peoples minds are blowned, i am beyond that because i bet a lot of money on the daigo winning the whole tourny

(As a vid scrub,) I got this impression too.

I also thought it was interesting how during the first round of the final set, everything suddenly became very quiet (at least from what we could hear on the livestream.) Can anyone that was actually there confirm this?

But yes, great finals, and a great evo for those of us at home that couldn’t make it this year.

THat was an unbelieveable match. Who knew wong had a deadly boxer in his back pocket? Awesome match…

There were rumors spreading that he had a pocket Boxer right around his trip to Japan. Who knows :stuck_out_tongue:

he has to use Boxer for SBO, so his boxer must be good or no chance in SBO.

daigo did not throw any games.
he was throwing out those focus attacks because justin was sweeping the shit out of him.
justin was annihilating people with normals.
look at what he did to ed ma’s zangief!

That was the most epic match I’ve ever seen. So much clutch play from both Justin and Daigo. Justin literally survived elimination rounds like 3 or 4 times it seems. Daigo was getting hammered by Justin’s Boxer at first but eventually he adjusted. I don’t think he’s seen a Boxer anywhere as good as Justin’s since he isn’t that popular over there.

My brain (or head) literally hurts after watching them fight. It was that intense and I wasn’t even there.

Say what you will about SF IV. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a more intense match in any game out of any evo just because the pace of the match was so methodical over the period of a long set. It was like a hard grueling battle.

I can only imagine what Justin and Daigo were going through.

Justin played it straight footsies with him instead of going for the typical tick throw low jab rog shit.

Usually it’s just international people who hate americans who justin wong or scrubs who don’t know much about the game or the scene. But most people realize he’s just from New York so he likes to get excited. For the most part now, america is united against japan.