J Wongs new team!



well ok, no its not. but its the best team in the game. i kid you not


Counter: Storm/Sent/Cyc
Game Over


Yeah, Cyke just cuts right through Tron every time.


wtf, i would ruin cyclops, just like i did everytime i played

tron = invincible, if you arent an idiot when you use her


Wow, that holds so much weight coming from someone who registered in…:eek: June2004!! That teams loses so badly to sentinel/storm/cyc that its not even funny.


Tron isn’t invincible, right? Cyke is invincible and also has alot more range. Like I said, he’ll just cut right through Tron. His assist is a set-up for fast-flies, hail, etc. Don’t get me wrong, Mag/Tron is good and is a counter to some other teams, but it’s not as good as you believe it is. Also, Storm and Sent will almost never be on the ground, and if they are, it’s only momentary, like if Storm is tri-jumping or Sent is doing a small attack pattern XX rp, which is where Tron’s assist needs them to be. If Storm is on point and Tron’s assist is out, Storm will just call Cyke or Sent, typhoon xx hail. And there goes like half your life…

The only people I’ve seen play this duo well are Potter and Mixup.


i hate to hear this answer every single time tron is mentioned…shit, if u misuse cyke twice he can die…to punish tron for a misuse is often times very situational and comes at the expense of risking a lot. the best way to beat tron is to get somebody to block storm-a while tron eats it, u get mad options off that…but just the fact that “tron gets countered by cyke” shouldn’t scare anybody away from using tron


we all know jwongs new team is cyclops/gambit/morrigan recognize


actually, it kinda is. look at where doom went.


Call me an idiot, but…where did Doom go?


Your an idiot:)


Cyke also counters Doom’s assist.

But Capcom doesn’t. :frowning:


Sad truth. :frowning:


hey chaos, where in ALA are you? cuz im in AU, and there’s only a handful of us decent marvel players.


haha, yea, seen him used that team this friday. anyone kno how he did that morrigan infinite? :eek: