Fuck outta here son…

Embarassing? This game plays way better online than the client and the 360 version(which is the one I can attest to) feels pretty great… I’m sure even the PS3 version is a closer emulation of the arcade than ggpofba…

Buy the game nigga…

might want to delete this thread

I would say its pretty embarrassing. It takes like FIVE MINUTES to find a ranked match. I played a lot of GGPO on the PC and this feels just like GGPO, only EVERYONE HAS A BAD CONNECTION.

And why would the thread be deleted? Last I heard we are allowed to voice our opinions.

I would just be more worried about trojans in the linked file.

Input lag on both consoles not embarrassing? No smoothing frames options like GGPO has? There is input lag OFFLINE, doesn’t Capcom have a quality assurance team amuk their building some where? These are basic things that have to be done before releasing a title.

People quoting fubarduck without buying or touching the game. When there is plenty of other 3s players that say its fine like Nica KO.


He’s gonna get banned for posting that rom.

You mean the 0 to 5 setting under GGPO? It’s there.

This is why we can’t have nice things…

The offline input lag is setup dependent. Buy the game you cheap bastard.