J45 Cat 6 Question and MC Cthulhu


Hey guys,

You helped me out in a similar thread not too long ago. I purchased this on Amazon after you gave your blessing:

Turns out the wire color combination doesn’t match the MC Cthulhu tutorials online. I was wondering if I could go in sequential order with the wires and still be ok? I just don’t wanna cut into this guy unless I know.

In other words, can I solder left to right like this T568B:

But with my cable (left to right):



Rule of thumb, never go off Wire color.
Pin assignment and where that wire is going is much more important.

Colors are chosen arbitrarily


Thanks bud. Noted.

So I can go from left to right per my 2nd photo to the MC Cthulhu “G” through “V” 1st row? Apologies for my noobness.


If you have one, and your in doubt use a multimeter



You’re the man. Thanks.