Jab SPD valuable option?

I dont know if this is the right place to ask, but what is the point of jab SPD? I see this move described as a valuable option in the match up thread and I saw that guy Cantona using only jab SPD. Isnt it better to just go for the most damaging HP SPD for 240 damage? I dont see the opponent recovering slower from jab SPD as he would after EX SPD, so I dont really understand why people tend to use it.

jab SPD has the longest range at the cost of damage.

Its all about the range, and its deceivingly long.

You can spend a match only going for spd’s really close and then when they opponent thinks they’re in a safe zone, you grab them out of thin air.

It can also grab some pokes (although the timing is more psychic than anything) like Sagat’s s.rh, his hitbox shifts forward a little as he kicks, giving you a window to jab SPD him out of it.

The Lp version isn’t even that much less damage that you get range. But yea…I try to think with Zangief, going for the strongest grab is not hardly ever NEEDED. You already do insane damage so if you are doing a grab that does 240 and then ur doing 220, ahhh so what.

It will be better for your Gief training if you think outside of the doing the biggest damage with high risk. Think quick and safe.

Nod, unless you know your up close and a fierce will hit, stick to jabs.
And many times I still think Im borderline and go for fierce, whiff and eat something nasty.
Play it safe, stick to jabs.

This is even more true when you use the newly escribed trick: “extended range jab spd” decribed in another topic!!!
quick link to the original article:

I ONLY use fierce point blank or as a punisher, in all other situations jab

So basically jab spd is the cornerstone of any nutricious russian beatin’!!!

I very rarely use any spd other than jab. If I’m at all concerned about range, I’ll just go with jab spd to make 100% sure that I don’t miss my opportunity. If I’m not worried about range, I’ll do close 360+k, which leaves you with much much better positioning, does only slightly less damage than fierce spd, and builds meter like crazy.

I only use fierce spd for things I know I have to use fierce spd against because they leave you just out of range for close 360+k. Looking at that flowchart, that means Rose’s ex drill, Sakura’s mk/hk hurricane and ultra, and Seth’s back kick.

what is the setup for this? is there a trick?

setup for what? extended range jab SPD? not really a setup for it, its more psychic than anything. it just happens when your opponent tries an attack when you activate your jab SPD. what normally was out of range now gets grabbed because your opponent extended your range by trying a poke. a common use would be against a ryu/ken/akuma who like to spam cr. forward. i also get it on chun li, with her long limbs.

But yea its pretty much psychic, you have to activate your SPD as they extend their limb, if you try after you already see their limb extended, its already too late.

The ‘extended range’ jab spd isn’t psychic as you’re describing it. It’s a spd done in such a way that will give you a small step forward before executing, giving it the illusion of double range.

Honestly, if you want to see the difference between jab SPD and theother variants, fight someoe like say Akuma. Blck his jump kick and let him start some sort of ground string to keep you blocking. Just keep spinning te stick and hitting jab, the moment his timing is off or there is a break in the chain since its not a true block string, you’ll throw him. The only exception is if you mis-tied it and got hit with his c.rh, at that point its too far out ofhis ground chain/poke. No other spd can reversal like that. The rnage can get so stupid you can knockdown, and then just walk back a step or TWO and then jab spd them as they think you are retreating. Its SERIOUS

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Jab SPD is not a true reversal.

No its not a ‘true’ reversal, but it works just as well for ground strings. shrug

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Just noticed alot of people say its Psychic; I wouldnt put the timing anywhere near that degree of difficulty. Once you learn to recognize the startup animation on peoples pokes it isnt that hard to do it on reaction if your prepared for it. Its especially easy on newer players or people learning new characters, who frequently truncate combos into a poke until they master the string.

TLDR Version: IT ISNT PSYCHIC, It just takes practice, and thats mostly because the window for execution is small, not because the execution is particularly difficult.

I also want to reinforce what ultradavid said about 360+k. If you know its going to connect, 360+k is almost always a better choice since it gives you time and spacing to setup whatever you want to crush them on their wakeup.

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