Jab Strong Fierce @ Gallery Nucleus 4/25/2009 Results

Format was best 3/5 rounds, straight knockout.

Mike Watson (Chun Li) beat Ed Ma (Akuma)
Kai (El Fuerte) beat Combofiend (Balrog)

Kai (Fuerte) beat Mike Watson (Chun Li)

Yes, an El Fuerte won.

Can’t remember much of the earlier rounds, but I know Mike Watson knocked out Mike Ross in the quarters.

surprising results. good job watts,ed,combo,and kai. “ey dude”

whoa my head exploded!!



Some great matches. Congrats to Kai, Combofiend, Ed Ma, and Mike Watson!

Here are some Pics of the Artwork at the Nucleus.


What a great event! Watson played Chun incredibly well, in true old school fashion (ultra combos? don’t even need 'em). Truly impressive.

gj kai

The Cammy cosplayer is just too cute: http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_DrMSLuJHnk0/SfRACqhz_II/AAAAAAAAAUI/15n-Lj4JQWg/s1600-h/DSC03155.JPG

Any vids?

That art is sick



Oh look some mod deleted my thread. Maybe I should challenge somebody to a MM to get it stickied.

Let me repost for everybody else.



Full Results:

1st Place: Nobody
2nd Place: Mike “Nobody” Watson
3rd Place: Ed “Nobody” Masters
4th Place: Combo “Nobody” Fiend
5th Place: Mike “Nobody” Ross
6th Place: Somebody
7th Place: Somebody
8th Place: Somebody
9th Place: Somebody
10th Place: Somebody
11th Place: Somebody
32nd Place: Some Nobody

 	 		 			 				 					Originally Posted by **CaliSean** 					 				
			*Yo you need to seriously chill out. You keep coming in here talking mad shit when in reality nobody knows who the fuck you are. This thread is about creating a money match between a well known SF player Watson and someone whos trying to make a name for himself aka Gootecks. YJDK is obviously coming from the OG post and people are just having fun. You come in here calling everyone this and that, when in reality you should STFU. Nobody cares about you and nobody wants to MM Kai the nobody. And WTF has gootecks exactly done for SF4? Hold one event where he put on a couple of matches?? Give people a home?? Your seriously overestimating your boy. With or without gootecks SF4 would have blown up. This games popularity is far greater than what any one SRK'er has put into it. I suggest you shut your mouth you only make yourself look dumb. P.S. I got a hundy on Arturo vs Kai for whoever wants to take this scrub.*
 	 		 			 				 					Originally Posted by **Grits'N'Gravy** 					 				
			*And yeah 3s is TRASH, SHIT GARBAGE. I've never seen a 3s player good (started on 3S) at any OG game.*
 	 		 			 				 					Originally Posted by **CaliSean** 					 				
			*LoL your like dillusional man. Thinking anyone wants to MM you at SF4. You vs Sabin is gonna be a LAUGH. At first i started thinking, "Man im gonna win so much money Kai vs Sabin!!" Then people brought me back down to earth with,"Who the fuck is gonna bet on Kai. Wait who's Kai??" Best comment was,"I don't think even So-cal would bet on Kai" LOL @ That So yeah you can try and make a name for yourself, but something tells me you will be out in your bracket before I get a lapdance on Friday night. And everyone knows i'm first in line with the lapdances.*

I feel like I’m forgetting something, oh yea.



Some Nobody beat Combofiend and WAtson.

good shit to nobodys

that cammy has a cute ass.

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that explains it.

kai, you’re a nooooooob!!!

Let the man speak



To the guy who taunted that little kid: your Vega sucks balls and you’re an ugly fuck.

Man, I went against the little kid with Vega…he almost kicked my ass! He really knew how to play…I see a future pro Zangief in the making!