Jab Ultra - Does mashing the kicks really make it come out faster?



Hey, I’ve been maining Boxer for a while now and about the only thing that I can’t do with him is to link Jab Into Ultra. My timing seems like its close to being perfect, and i have tried mashing kick and just holding kicks. Is there a difference?


Not much can be said here - Don’t mash the kicks, just hold them down :wink:

My understanding of it is that if your first hit from the Ultra is an Uppercut (Kick) it’ll come out a frame faster than it would a regular straight so essentially you only need to hold down Kick for the first hit, thats it. I don’t think it matters wether you ‘activated’ the Ultra with PPP or KKK, just that the first hit is an Uppercut.


Activate with PPP, hold a K.
8 frame start up Ultra. =)


Mwahaha…got it on my first try after I took your advice, then I missed it like 20 times straight lol.


This is actually one of the few things I can’t do. But does it even make a difference what you activate it with?


It does and it doesn’t. I remember talking to a guy who knows his stuff who suggested PPP was best because KKK activation seemed to not be consistently bringing the frame count down. I don’t know exactly why, but he did explain it, and even demonstrated it was iffy sometimes, almost as if it’d sometimes be 9 frames. Either way, PPP then hold a K is 8 frames for sure, and this makes a lot of stuff punishable e.g. EX MGB from Dudley is -8, EX Sobat Kick from Dee Jay gets punished, ALL Juri’s Senpushas SO LONG as you’re crouch blocking, even the LK version is guaranteed.


I’ll have to learn it by this Friday so I can punish that Gief I play with it. :stuck_out_tongue:


It really isn’t too tough - if you’re looking at punishing a Gief’s EX Banishing Flat on block, you have plenty of visual aid in reacting ad hitting that reversal.
It’s useful, but not massively if people don’t throw those moves out (Dudley’s EX MGB has no invincibility, he shouldn’t be throwing it out randomly).
Reversal Super is pretty incredible beyond the popular uses like Honda’s headbutts. Akuma’s c.hk for example!