Jab >> Ultra during a match



I learned of this 1 frame link a long time back and never actually gave it much attention until recently.
I can get the Jab >> Ultra link roughly a quarter of the time, when playing in training mode :stuck_out_tongue:

So tell me forum… has anyone seen or used this impractical combo in an actual match? If you have a link of someone using it it in a match, please share!


i heard about it and i think i saw a vid once. I usually see dash forward to ultra or buffalo head to ultra.


With the ultra “frame trick” explained by jav1ts here (http://www.shoryuken.com/showthread.php?t=212305),
this becomes a 2-frame link instead of a one-frame link, does it not?

If this is true, then I think it would become a significantly more viable/reliable tactic. I actually haven’t really tried to perfect this link, but I see no reason why (if it could be executed with some consistency) it wouldn’t be used.


I would rather save my ultra :slight_smile:
Afaik, it can only be linked from a specific distance (the same, where cr.roundhouse is easily linked); cr.jab, cr.jab, jab.

And it IS unpractical. I will only attempt if I am messing around or pretty much won the match already anyways…


yeah PR Rog did it in some of his causal games against this viper. it’s in his channel.

he did something like jab jab ex rush upper jab jab ultra.


It’s pretty impractical, considering the damage scaling after the jab, might as well do a headbutt. it’s about 80% and that’s just from a jab. But if you don’t want to worry about distance, j.HK , st cl.HK to st jab to utlra will put you at the right distance.


In a recent tourney (during casuals) I landed…
J. RH >> St. RH >> St. Jab >> Ultra.

The combo does roughly 538 damage. The combo is practical in the sense of the damage it deals, although its impractical because it is a 1 frame link.


I wouldn’t even attempt this link online, especially the way I lag…


That Jump RH, Close RH, link St. Jab xx EX Upper, link Cr. Jab, Cr. Short, Headbutt Ultra does 468 damage, seems pretty practical. Solid damage for Rog off one meter.


Basics, the frame trick is what actually makes the far jab into ultra link possible. So unfortunately it can’t get any better than that.

Varleran, generally speaking, combos that mix ex uppers and ultras are a waste of meter. If your goal is damage and you score a jump in roundhouse then you can go right into low strong, fierce headbutt, ultra, for over 500 damage. That’s half the inputs of the combo you mentioned and costs nothing. And even if you’re not at the point where you can hit confirm off of the jump in itself you can do low jab, low strong, fierce headbutt, ultra, for right around 470 without spending any meter either.

The primary draw of long combos with Rog is not the extra damage (as you know, scaling kills the damage). Rather, it’s the extra stun. And that makes finishing a long combo with his ultra (a move that does no stun) practically pointless. Just having Rogs ultra puts you in a favorable position during a match. It lets you control a lot of space. When you tack on an ultra at the end of a big combo you’re basically exchanging all that control for a very small one time boost to your damage output, which is very unwise.

DISCLAIMER: If doing an ultra after a big combo wins you the round then none of the above points matter and it was a great idea.

Anyway, back on topic. A far more practical setup for linking into Rogs ultra, yet very underused, is off of a DSB. All versions of the DSB are +10 on hit, making it a 3 frame link with the frame trick. You need to do the DSB from around midscreen with charge buffering to have charge for the ultra though. It’s not something that I would pull out terribly often, but once in a while it works great as long as you don’t telegraph that you’re trying to set it up or get predictable with it. It’s the same as throwing out a seemingly random ex dsb into low short into fierce headbutt every now and then. DSBs are always a gamble though, regardless of the setup. Still, when it pays off, it pays off big.


Wow, did NOT know that! Will try it out soon. I sometimes, after hitting opponents out of the air with cr.fierce, go for DSB to hit them as soon as they land. Feels like it SHOULD be enough time to charge ultra.

How exactly does the frame trick work? Do you activate the ultra and then just drum the kicks or do you activate it by drumming kicks? And WHY does it work? Just glitch?


I have no idea why it works. It’s probably a glitch, but I don’t really know. The link Basics put a few posts up explains it. I’ll cover it briefly for you though. You activate your ultra with either 3p or 3k (it doesn’t matter) and then either press and hold any kick button, drum/piano over 3k, or press and hold 3k. Different people swear by different methods but they all work. I personally press and hold 3k to charge a tap so I can build some meter after the ultra. Keep in mind that you have to do another input after you activate. Activating with 3k and keeping them held won’t work. You have to release and press again. If you did it right you’ll see his first attack as an upper and you’ll have yourself an 8 frame start up ultra.


I forgot to point out that this technique also applies to Rogs super. Activating with P gives it a 9 frame start up. Activating with K gives it 8. And reactivating with K (after activating with either P or K) gives it 7. The only difference is that unlike the ultra you can activate with K and just hold it down for the 7.


@xaaz: I’m not too sure about the DSB > ultra 3 frame link. uppercut ultra only hits standing, and usually people will be crouching when you hit them with a DSB. I can’t really think of too many scenarios where you’d be able to pull it off reliably. FA counterhits might work, as would wake-up meaty DSBs, but both are pretty high risk scenarios.

You might be able to do it against crouchers with a kick activated straight punch ultra, but that’s still a 1 frame link.


It’s hit or miss, I agree. But give someone enough time to react (like from doing an ex dsb from midscreen) and sometimes they’ll react poorly. It’s definitely more reliable and more practical than far jab into ultra though, that’s for sure. The kicker there is that your op has to be standing for that link to work too. Besides, if it doesn’t work out and your op is crouching when the dsb hits you’ve still got low short / low strong combos you can go into. It’s all gravy, bud. Sometimes things work out, sometimes they don’t.


Oh nice, thanks Xaaz. I never thought of using my ultra after a DSB. I doubt I’ll use this often but it’s something that every boxer should know.


And I noticed yesterday that you can combo after TAP on counter hit. Highly situational, but say, jump in TAP to cr.jab cr.mp Heavy headbutt to ultra does decent damage. Think it only works on a real close level 1 TAP though. Would be a good start to a really crazy ex loop to stun though.


how do you do a jump in tap


can some one make a video voice tutorial and post it on youtube plz.


hold 3K, empty jump in, release 3K. You just have to be really close for the jab to hit in time, you can also just do tap on wakeup, if your opponent likes to wake up with fireballs etc. It’ll only work on a level one tap since that’s the only level your positive on hit.


i try to land it on every jumpin cs.RH if they’re standing and cs.FP if they’re crouching, otherwise I do it off of FAs, I just LOVE the feeling when it lands, I have it at about 80%.

SO, it’s about as practical as a jumpin, which varies wildly on your opponent’s character and playstyle.

It’s mentally easier to hit than other 1 frames to me, the jab-ultra has a nice rhythm to it as opposed to other links which seem oh so random.

Also, consider that every hit of the ultra lands when linked after a jab as opposed to half the hits after a headbutt, before you claim it does ‘less damage’, test it for yourself, my highest non-stun combo with rog is the jumpin mentioned above.