Jab ultra: necessary? Tips on it?



Hello everyone,

KSK_2Serious here and I was wondering: how do you guys feel about the applications of jab into ultra? Do you feel that it is necessary to execute in order to be a top Balrog?

What are your methods of executing it? Any tips to make it easier to pull off ( as I can’t do it yet)?

Pros and cons of it?

Are there times when it’s the optimal punish?



IMO, it is not necessary to be a top Balrog. I don’t see this done in match very often. I’ve only seen Iceage do it and hes definitely not the best rog around (PR) It is a great thing to do if you are able to land it fairly consistantly, however. For example, say you use an EX RU to blow thru a fireball or normal move and hit confirm cr. jab, st.jab into U1. You’ve gained positioning by cornering the opponent and done somewhere in the vacinity of 500 damage. Even if you do a BNB jab, strong into EX upper as a punish its still worth it. For me though, the degree of difficulty and the time it takes to be able to execute this consistently makes it pretty impractical.

As far as tips go? My friend who used to play rog and is actually able to do this told me the way he does it is he has his back charge then hits fwd, back, and then does a half circle forward then hits KKK. I can get it to come out fairly often when i try it, but almost never land the link. Remember you have to activate with kicks and hold a kick button for the first hit to make the ultra come out faster or else the link will not work.


no, absolutely not. IMO jab, U1, is only an optimal punish when you have no meter. I think you should never burn U1 unless you’re in the corner and you have an opportunity to get out by using it (and by extension putting them in the corner) or it will kill. st.lp, U1 is a 4f punish, but it’s too easy to miss. If you have no meter and you can get it consistently and it fulfills two of the reasons I listed above, by all means it is the optimal punish, but otherwise, it’s too much of a gamble and there are easier confirms.

Especially keeping in mind the situation it puts you in if you don’t kill the character, think of a Yun blowing a Genei Jin combo on an opponent with full health, right afterwards, he’s at his weakest because he has 0 meter (probably because he used Ultra and Super), and the opponent probably has full meter from eating the combo. You make yourself very vulnerable.

Edit: I can’t do it consistently, but if you want to practice it, you should practice it against blocking Balrog’s lk.smash, it’s -5 on block, but the st.lp punish is distance dependent.


Dude Its not necesarry bro


thanks guys:

Here is an example of where its use was good but debatable:


At the 3:50 mark. Do you guys feel he should’ve gone for something else in that situation?


awesome, but definitely unnecessary, Sim didn’t have enough life to live through cr.lp, cr.lk xx hp.hb Ultra. Much easier to confirm. Sim could have mashed teleport if he’d missed the link, or just mashed slide to knock him out of Ultra. Cool points on execution, that’s about it, if he’d dropped it everyone would have said he was a fool.


Thanks guys.

I’m determined to learn it.

Never know when it’ll come in handy.

How about during a frame trap?


This topic drives me insane. If u can think of even one scenario where it can be useful then IT IS worth learning. Learn every stun combo available with it including the stun values. However, as it is the most advanced tool a rog can utilize and how often it will become practical in a match I highly recommend learning it after you have a 90+% efficiency with all other rog tools.

During frame traps… Absolutely. Standing close mp cr lp st lp ultra, stcl ho st lp ultra(harrrrrrrd) and hell even tap counterhit setups(primarily used Vs gouken counter spam) into cr lp st lp ultra is good. Again as I stated earlier learn it last.


It’s the last thing I’m learning as you’ve said.

I do have a scenario in mind.


i use it in matches sometimes, it worth it if you can do it consistently
keep in mind u need to start the ultra with punches and use kick for the first hit


start with kicks. Comes out a frame faster


Not sure if you guys know this but if you mash on kicks (or piano them really fast) instead of holding the kicks, the U1 uppers comes out 1 frame faster than just holding the kicks. It’s a glitch that involves switching from U1 straights (not holding any buttons) to U1 uppers (holding a kick button) at the last possible frame. Visually I can’t tell if the glitch is happening or not but I know it works because when I try st. jab link to U1, I’m like 2 out of 10 if I try to hold the kick buttons but if I mash on the kick buttons my success rate is about 8 out of 10.

I definitely don’t think you need to know this to become a “top” Balrog but if you plan on practicing this, try mashing kicks instead of holding them after you attempt to link Ultra 1 from far standing jab. It definitely helps a lot.


Thanks Jav1ts!


I don’t play rog but I can do this combo with about 90% success rate when I dick around with him.

The way I do it: whatever combo, far st.jab, activate the ultra by tapping PPP, then immediately press and hold KKK. I don’t why this works, but it probably has something to do with what Jav1ts said about the glitch that happens when the ultra switches from straights to uppers. I barely ever get it if I just raw activate with KKK and hold it. Give it a try.